Top 10 Couple Influencers in India You Can't Miss In 2023- WhizCo

Top 10 Couple Influencers in India You Can't Miss In 2023- WhizCo


Many Couple influencers in India today are trying to merge as one and form a formidable brand for themselves. The brands are also hiring couple influencers because their fame and popularity drives the audience to gravitate towards a particular product or service. 

We have compiled a list of the couple influencers in India on Instagram that are fun, bold, creative and are engaging the audience with their interesting content. So check out the list!


1. Komal Pandey and Siddharth Batra 

This dynamic duo has a great fan base and their fashion, beauty and styling videos are a treat for the eyes. They first met in 2018, via a mutual friend and were instantly drawn to each other. Their mutual love for fashion is reflected in the content they put out together and they have surely become a top Couple influencers in India with Komal known for her bold and sassy fashion choices and Batra known for promoting ‘Guy Beauty’ and Men’s fashion. 

2. Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee 

Hailing from the aviation industry, Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee met during their pilot training. Ritu has confessed that she had a crush on Gaurav for a really long time and connected with him on social media. They post adorable videos on social media and are now parents to a 4 year old daughter. They also participated in the reality show smart jodi and are an epitome of true love. 

3. Savi and Vid 

Having over 1.2 million instagram followers, this power couple is everyone’s favourite. Their shared love for travel, has made them travel together to so many countries and their instagram handle @bruisedpassports has landed them many collaborations and partnerships. They share reviews on travel companies and products that they have come across during their trip and are instrumental in influencing the travel habits of netizens. 

4. Kusha Kapila and Zoravar Singh Ahluwalia 

This cute couple often post funny videos on their social media handles and are couple goals. They met back in 2012 and Kusha has been very vocal about her body image issues but she said that Zoravar made her feel wanted and appreciated for who she truly was.The couple got married in 2017 in an intimate ceremony and are now parents to their pet, Maaya. Fans love their camaraderie and witty banter on social media.

5. Vishnu Kaushal and Diksha Rawat

This gorgeous couple is adored by fans, thanks to influencer Komal Pandey’s matchmaking skills. Their colour coordinated clothes, and lovey dovey pictures make them a drool worthy insta couple. Kaushal is best known for his funny punjabi videos and Rawat is a fashion influencer. We love their cute chemistry and videos together making them one of the most loved influencer couples. 

6. Daizy and Ankit 

This stylish couple produces content on fashion,beauty,lifestyle and travel and have a follower base of more than 256K followers on instagram. They have collaborated with top brands like Lakme, L’Oreal Paris,Amazon Fashion,and Flipkart to name a few. They were a part of the reality show MTV Love School in 2018 and later entered into the world of content creation. Their instagram handle @voguevanity is where they post all about their everyday life and fashion. 

7. Abhi and Niyu 

The duo started their page in 2019, and wanted to talk about positive and impactful stories from India. Their main forte is to simplify issues for the millennials on diverse topics like history, geography, social commentary, finance, banking, environment etc. Their Instagram account @abhiandniyu has a massive following of 2.7 million, recently, the influential couple was featured on Forbes' 30 under 30, 2021, and on billboards across Mumbai as a part of Facebook's More Together campaign.  The duo makes videos that are solution oriented and eye catching for their online audience.

8. Dolly Singh and Manu Chaurvedi 

The famous content creator, Dolly Singh is currently dating Manu Chaturvedi, who is a legal practitioner. Their love story is loved by their fans and Manu often features in Dolly’s posts and reels. We love this cute couple and want to see more of them on our insta feeds.

9. Ayush Mehra and Aashna Vijay 

Ayush Mehra is an actor and content creator and his girlfriend,Aashna is a model and influencer. This adorable couple shares videos on instagram and their relationship and bonding is loved by all. They also post very entertaining reels with one another and keep the audience engaged.

10. Aishwarya Mohanraj and Akash Shah 

They recently got married, and this cute couple is the internet's favourite. Their funny videos together makes the audience laugh their hearts out. She always posts lovely pictures with her better half Akash and gives us a couple goals. We can’t wait to see more fun and unique stuff from these two as they make a fabulous influencer couple. 

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