Best Lifestyle and Home Decor Influencers To Have On Your Instagram -Whizco

Best Lifestyle and Home Decor Influencers To Have On Your Instagram -Whizco

Best Lifestyle and Home Decor Influencers To Have On Your Instagram

Lately, we have all been into aesthetics! Be it pictures, home decor, food and a lot more. If you spend most of your time on pinterest or instagram going through pages that are visually appealing and a treat for the eyes or if you spend your time trying to think of ideas to remodel your house or room with a different and better look then you are at the right place.

We have compiled a list of top lifestyle and Home decor influencers that you must follow ASAP because they are not only talented but also ooze creativity and beauty to maximise the best results for you and your wants. Go check them out! 

Surbhi Tangri 

Surabhi Tangri, is a lifestyle and home decor influencer on Instagram with over 35K influencers on instagram. Surabhi Tangri has participated in a lot of influencer marketing projects. She is enthusiastic about  Art, Culture And Literature and that reflects in her taste for traditional and western home decors. She is a genius at blending seemingly unrelated pieces of furniture together to make them look good and aesthetic. So take inspiration from her Instagram account!

Tanvi Agarwal 

You should follow this home design influencer on Instagram if you identify with her hippie, boho, and colourful aesthetics. She fully embraces "Vocal for Local," promoting handcrafted furniture or goods from Indian businesses and artisans on her feed.. Her home is full of happy places and vibrant colours, from candle stands, flower vases, lovely frames, and dreamcatchers Tanvi Agarwal is definitely one of the top Lifestyle and Home decor influencers today. 

Bhavna Bhatnagar 

With over 17.5K followers on instagram, her account @anindiansumer is quite popular.We are smitten with the gorgeous aesthetics she delivers to her channel, An Indian Summer, which she founded after quitting her corporate job. It is visually very stimulating. Follow her for amazing home decor ideas and her creative flare if you're looking for inspiration!


Kruti Badani 

If you are new to the world of home decor and want some tips to get started, then Kruti Badani is the best person to follow for home decor inspiration. Her Instagram feed is because it is filled with simple ideas, easy-to-care-for indoor plants, and amazing advice on what colours to use in your area. Given that she pulls her inspiration from nature, expect to see a lot of greens and earthy tones. Additionally, she prefers monochromatic wall decor . Make sure to follow her to know everything about home decor. 

Preethi Prabhu 

Through her blog,she teaches interior designing and also has her own styling course, where you can learn about interior designing. She has over 119K followers on instagram.  She can teach you everything there is to know about framing, filling in blank spaces, adding a minimalistic touch, and more. Her feed is filled with lovely artwork and home goods that you'll want to get right away, so follow her right away!

Rukmini Ray Kadam

Rukmini Ray also popularly known as Trumatter has an award winning blog about home decor that is absolutely sensational and we love her aesthetics. We are always going through her  website, trying to catch a glimpse of what our own homey, comfortable, and cosy place would look like. Her idea of home decor is very minimalistic yet aesthetic and we can bank on her for ideas of a picture perfect home decor and style. 

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