Instagram Creator Studio, A Beginners Guide || WhizCo

Instagram Creator Studio, A Beginners Guide || WhizCo

What is Instagram Creator Studio?

Instagram Creator studio is a dashboard for content creators using Instagram. It, allows creators to post, manage, measure, and monetize content across their Pages and Instagram accounts

Creator studio is available to everyone using a business or creator-type Instagram account. It was initially available for Facebook only but a creator studio for Instagram was made available soon after.

Features of Instagram Creator Studio 

    • There is a content library that will provide you with the number of likes, comments, and saves. You will also get access to reach, impressions, ns, and the new followers that you have gained.
    • You can schedule all your Instagram posts, for a later date so that you can be consistent with your feed.
    • The insight is a special feature that shows you the statistics, of which posts are doing well and which ones are not. Further, the analytics breaks down the data and shows your account’s “Interactions” and “Discovery”. 
    • You can manage brand collaborations, the ‘brands collabs manager’ option helps to keep a tab on the business partnerships.

    How to get Creator Studio?

    Here’s how you can connect your Instagram account to creator studio.

    • It is vital to have either a <strong>business account or a creator account</strong> to use creator studio and connect your account to a relevant Facebook page.
    • Start by opening Creator Studio on your desktop and clicking the Instagram icon at the top of the page.
    • Click the green Instagram Login button and follow the instructions in the pop-up window to log in to your account.
    •  Once someone connects to an Instagram account in Creator Studio, anyone else with a role on the Facebook Page connected to that account will automatically have access to it in Creator Studio’s Instagram section.
    • Once the account has been successfully linked, then you can use this platform.

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