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Sonu Sharma Biography, Girlfriend, Net worth, Career

Who is Sonu Sharma?

Sonu Sharma Biography, Sonu Sharma is the owner of Dynamic India Group and is a motivational speaker and corporate trainer. He is very popular for hosting seminars worldwide and has become quite prominent on social media. 

Early Life and Education 

Sonu Sharma was born on 11 November 1984, and he came from a very humble background. He did his schooling from Dayanand Public School, Faridabad and graduated from DAV College, Chandigarh. Sharma has been through many hardships in life and has emerged stronger. His parents' names are not unknown. 

Sonu Sharma started working for the network marketing firm Naswiz on September 14, 2005 and this job was a turning point in Sonu’s life, and everything changed for him after this. Sonu spent more than 16 years working with Sir Naswiz, during which time he learned a tremendous deal. His experience in network marketing had a significant impact on him and helped shape his personality. 

He has been associated with the direct sales industry since the last 17 years, and has helped many firms utilise their full potential and has led them to the road of success. 


In addition to his marketing endeavours, he started running his own youtube channel which gained him immense recognition. Corporate training can help an organisation's culture and performance on a worldwide scale. To ensure that everyone involved in the success of the organisation reaches their full potential, training and business development programmes are put into place which can help people develop holistically. Sonu Sharma helps people recognise their own true potential and delivers seminars and sessions both in India and abroad. 

According to his website, the number of people who have benefited from his terrific speeches has dramatically increased in recent years. He has established himself as a prominent career coach and motivational speaker thanks to his natural aptitude for communication and speaking skills He has won many awards and recognition, including the Atal Samman 2020 Award for his contribution in the field of business and communications.

He also has his own business venture called Dynamic Group, he is also an author who has written several motivating books. As a result, Sonu Sharma's fame instantly grew.. He has been given Silver and Gold Buttons by YouTube for his work on his own youtube channel. 

Personal Life 

Sonu Sharma got married to Swati Sharma on 30th April, 2006. He is also a father to two cute daughters. He has attended more than 4000 events and conducted 1500 workshops in more than 20 countries.

Social Media 

He has over 10 million subscribers on Youtube and 2.6 million followers on instagram. Sonu Sharma has more than 25 Million  followers worldwide across 114 countries on various online platforms.

Net Worth

Sonu Sharma is a well-known motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and network marketing expert in India. He has a significant following on social media and YouTube, where he shares his motivational talks and business strategies. 

Sonu sharma networth is skyrocketing as he has made a name in the field of motivational speaker. With over 5 million subscribers on the youtube channel he earned 44 crore rupees in 2023 that is roughly 6 million in dollars. He charges between Rs 40 lakh and 50 Rs lakh for a live session. Millions of people come to watch her live session to draw inspiration and become successful in their life. His earnings are growing at the rate of 30% per year and some marketing companies are willing to pay Rs 9 lakh to 10 lakh per show . 

Sonu Sharma turns 41 in 2023 but even at such a young age, he boasts a massive net worth. Sonu Sharma net worth stood at 9.1 million dollars. His net worth is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 30%. His YouTube subscribers list is just a bit short of his net worth as he has 7 million loyalists on YouTube.

Sonu Sharma boasts a massive amount of wealth. It seems unbelievable that a man who failed in his 8th and 11th grade has earned so much money. He has a massive net worth that comes from the different channels . Youtube and network marketing is the major one that brings the maximum source of money. According to the source in the public domain , in 2017 his net worth was close to 1.1 million dollars that will have multiplied to seven times in 2022.

He authored many books named network marketing and “Prerit Karne ke mission par agrasar” that are good sellers on platforms like amazon and flipkart. 

He has a good collection of cars that includes Benz C class , Porsche panamera, Bmw 520 D, Audi A 6 that further gives evidence of his wealth. 

He recently joined Vestige marketing pvt ltd, a consulting company where according to the internet source he charges around 5 lakh per show for a live show. In the earlier live session he has been heard  by more than 12 lakh people. During his live shows he helped people and the other companies to achieve growth and fulfilment. 

These are rough estimates of sonu sharma net worth

Year          Net worth

2017 1.3 million dollars

2018 2.1 million dollars

2019 2.7 million dollars

2020 4.1 million dollars

2021 6.1 million dollars

2022 9. million dollars

Monu Sharma is also founder of Dynamic India Group ( India). He runs various shops all over India that have been heard by 800 million people on youtube across 114 countries in just 5 years. 

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