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Triggered Insaan Biography, Girlfriend, Net worth, Career - WhizCo

Triggered Insaan Biography, Girlfriend, Net worth, Career

Who is he?

Nischay Malhan also popularly known as Triggered Insaan is a famous youtuber and GTA live streamer and has gained recognition for his rants, roasts and reaction videos. He has been ranked in the top 50 youtubers of India list. Triggered Insaan  is a popular Indian YouTuber and content creator. The content on his channel primarily revolves around commentary and reactions to trending topics, memes, and pop culture phenomena. He is known for his humorous take on social issues and his ability to connect with his audience. With over 17.5 million subscribers, Triggered Insaan has become one of the most popular YouTube channels in India, and Nischay Malhan has become a prominent figure in the Indian online content creation industry.

Early Life and Education

He was born on 14 November 1995, and is based out of Delhi. His sister’s name is Prerna Malhan, who active on the youtube with youtube channel name "Wanderer’s hub" and he also has a younger brother called Abhishek Malhan. He completed his engineering from Delhi but didn't continue with his job and then started filming videos at his parent’s house secretly, which started going viral.

 Initially the name of his channel was,Yes Yes Bhai but later renamed his channel as Triggered Insaan and today he is on the list of top youtubers of India.


Nischay used to film and upload gaming videos late at night while working his second job, and when he reached over 100,000 subscribers, he quit and started working as a full-time YouTuber because he was not satisfied with his day job and wanted to be a full time youtuber. After then, he kept uploading videos to YouTube, which helped him establish himself as a popular and successful figure and more and more people started enjoying his videos that were mainly roasts and rants.

Although initially he faced criticism for his videos being similar to Carry Minati’s, but later he proved all the naysayers wrong by collaborating with Minati on different live streams. 

On April 26, 2020, Triggered Insaan and Mythpat first began working together in GTA 5, where they played online and competed in heists. Since the show was popular, there were two more instalments—episodes 3 and 4 and they became quite popular. 

Apart from his online content, Nischay Malhan is also a trained classical singer and has shared his singing talent with his followers on various occasions. He has collaborated with several other YouTubers, including fellow Indian YouTuber, Bhuvan Bam.

Nischay Malhan has won several awards for his content, including the YouTube Silver Play Button and the Indian Digital Creator Award for the Best Comedic Content Creator. He continues to be an influential figure in the Indian social media space and has inspired many young people to pursue their passion for creating content.

Social Media

He is a youtube king, and has 17.3 million subscribers and 4.8 million followers on Instagram.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be 15-16 Cr. in Indian rupees. 

Personal Life

He is currently single. In August 2021, Nischay revealed in his livestream that his favourite YouTuber is KSI.

Unknown Facts

The real name of Triggered Insaan is Nishchay Malhan.

  • Before starting a youtube channel in 2023, he was a software developer. 
  • Triggered Insaan is a famous youtuber that is famous for creating videos on various topics including technology, current events and social issues.
  • Triggered Insaan is a dog lover who shares his friend on his social and video media posts. 
  • Triggered Insaan is a famous youtuber who have more than 18 million followers on youtube and 5.2 million followers on instagram
  • Triggered Insaan is a popular game steamer who live streams his gameplay on his youtube channel. 
  • Triggered Insaan have collaborated with many youtubers like Carry Minati, Tanmay Bhatt and Technical Guruji. 

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