Beginner’s guide to Amazon Mini TV- 2023 - WhizCo

Beginner’s guide to Amazon Mini TV- 2023 - WhizCo

Amazon’s new streaming service has been launched in India, called Amazon mini TV. This streaming service is available within the amazon shopping app for its customers. This is one of a kind of service available to only customers in India.

Mini Tv is available for both android and iOS users and amazon customers don’t have to access separate applications for Amazon Mini Tv. 

What does the Amazon Mini TV include?

The amazon Mini Tv includes an array of content ranging from comedy shows, web series, beauty, lifestyle and food content by various creators and influencers. The mini Tv is free for all amazon customers. All you have to do is download the amazon app and create your account.

 Once the account is created, the amazon app becomes a one stop destination for everything related to shopping and entertainment as the MiniTv is an added benefit you get from being an Amazon app user. 

How is Mini TV different from Amazon Prime Video?

The Amazon prime video requires a prime membership whereas the MiniTv is free for all amazon customers. Prime video shows global movies, amazon originals and latest tv shows.On the other hand, MiniTv features content by Pocket Aces,TVF, it also features content from leading creators and influencers like Harsh Beniwal, Prajakta Kohli, Nishant Tanwar etc. 

The miniTv also has a lineup of beauty influencers like Malvika Sitlani, Sejal Kumar etc. MiniTv keeps adding new and fresh content for its users. There are no inbuilt ads in prime video but MiniTv has ads. 

How to use Amazon Mini TV?

The amazon shopping app features the Amazon mini tv. Once you update the amazon app on your play store then you can explore the Mini Tv app which is right below the search bar. Once you click on it, then you can explore the entire catalogue for free and watch shows, movies, comedy shows and much more.

 Amazon MiniTv gives you a space to explore many news shows and movies for free and is the best place to satiate your entertainment needs. 

Kunal Dasgupta, founder and CEO, TRIPLECOM MEDIA iTap and former CEO of MSM (now Sony Pictures Networks India) recently said "miniTV's primary goal is to create a huge funnel to the shopping app. Advertising is a secondary goal," He adds, "This is because Prime has benefits of free delivery but has not created too many users in terms of India’s population of smart users, unlike the US on that basis alone. In terms of size, going free is the only way to bring in hundreds of millions of shoppers. That’s why it’s inside the shopping app."


 The amazon mini tv feature opens a new set of possibilities and avenues for Amazon and their need of expanding their user base.  In 2021, video streaming platform YouTube had a market share of 67% and with other platforms like MXPlayer and Mini Tv coming into the focus, YouTube will be under pressure to outperform these upcoming platforms. 

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