Best Mom Bloggers In India to follow in 2023

Best Mom Bloggers In India to follow in 2023

Motherhood is one of life's most rewarding experiences. But what does being a mother entail? Being a mother entails more than simply bearing a child. Being a mother is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, and a mother's work never ends. A woman's life is forever changed when she becomes a mother.

 Mom bloggers in India have a strong voice, and mom blogs are indeed an important tool for influencing mothers. For many other mothers who look it up to them, their blogs serve as a reliable source of information. Mom bloggers, on the other hand, are ordinary mothers who manage to balance their careers, travel, enjoy their favourite hobbies, and fully embrace motherhood while blogging their experiences for others to follow.

 Today many parenting companies are looking to hire mom bloggers to sponsor their products and services. There are many Influencer marketing agency in India which are in direct contact with mom bloggers that can help your brand to grow better. 


Here is the list of best mom bloggers in India

Bumps’n’Baby by Sangeetha Menon

Sangeetha Menon, a Business Analyst turned Expert Parenting Blogger, is gearing up to simplify one parenting phase' with India's leading parenting blog, 'Bumps n Baby.' It is extremely popular among Indian mothers and women all over the world.

Baby care tips, trying to wean recipes, baby product reviews, and mom care are all available on Bumps n Baby. Sangeetha was a guest on Global BBC News' talk show '100 Women Series,' where she represented the 'Indian Working Mom.' She has been on the top list when it comes to influencer marketing by moms in India.

Sangeetha Menon was capable of supporting and speaking for many working moms in India after being named one of the 15 Indian parents who broke the Indian mothering stereotype norms prevailing in India by the 'Your Ekavach app.'

Artsy Craftsy Mom by Shruti Acharya

Shruti Acharya is a mom who is both artsy and crafty. Shruti shares ideas, information, and inspiration on this Indian mom blog to encourage you to enjoy and share art and craft with the children in your life. She writes about kids' art projects, seasonal crafts, and entertaining activities. This parenting blog has activities, crafts, and art projects for children of all ages, from toddlers to school-aged children, and even into their early school years.

Shruti's last job before starting Artsy Craftsy was as a graphic designer. Mom worked as a Principal Member of Technical Staff for Oracle India. In Bangalore, India, she lives with her family.

Shruti explained that her desire to spend more time with her daughter and engage her in meaningful ways inspired her to start the blog. Despite the blog's name, Artsy Craftsy Mom isn't just about making crafts with and for kids. There are plenty of pictures and video tutorials on how to make fun crafts with paper and colours, as well as parenting tips on everything from throwing a birthday party to book recommendations and recipes. Posts about holiday crafts are extremely popular.


Priya Sachan – Shishu World

Priya Sachan is the creator of Shishu World. Shishu World began as a concept for an online destination for Indian parents and parents-to-be who are separated from their families, whether in India or abroad.

The blog aims to fill that void by providing everything a parent could possibly need to know, from prenatal care to newborn care to those safe but long-forgotten home remedies.

To consider parenting from an Indian perspective. Combining age-old traditions that have stood the test of time with modern advice that is relevant in today's world.


Kids Stop Press by Mansi Zaveri

Kids Stop Press is a multi-digital connection platform that gives parents access to content the way they want it. They aim to make parenting easier by providing everything that today's tech-savvy parents required to raise their children.

Prior to starting her blog, Zaveri held various positions with various companies, including Head Marketing & Communications at Ogilvy & Mather India and Head Marketing & Communications at French Connection.

Kidsstoppress also finds the best kid-friendly activities, local hangouts, cleanest parks, indoor play spaces, curated events, and more. It is one of India's best parenting websites, as evidenced by numerous awards.

Diapers and Lipsticks by Sara Mukherjee Sharma

When it comes to influencer marketing by moms, Sara Mukherjee Sharma is the name which everyone looks for. On her Instagram account, she documents her motherhood journey, as well as her self-care, fitness, make-up, and other interests.

During her pregnancy, Sharma was very curious and enjoyed reading blogs and connecting with other mothers, but she felt there weren't many moms who shared their motherhood journeys or tips that could help new mothers. That's when she came up with the idea for Diapers & Lipsticks, a Facebook page where moms could connect and help one another.

Sharma's work has also appeared in publications such as The Times of India, Miss Malini, POPxo Daily, and others. B & B Magazine also named her one of the Most Influential Indian Mom Bloggers.


 The Champa Tree by Vaishali Sharma

Vaishali Sharma founded The Champa Tree, a parenting and motherhood blog, in the month of May 2014.  The Champa Tree is a location where all moms and dads can go to get answers to questions they think are too "weird" to ask out loud.

Vaishali is an interaction consultant, a voracious reader, an acid jazz fan, a Nicolas Jaar aficionado, a sucker for authentic Italian cuisine, and a devoted mother.

She went on to work for companies like Vox Public Relations, Edelman, and Bloomsbury after that. She currently works as a Vice President for Wholsum Foods and runs her own blog.


My Little Moppet – Hemapriya Natesan

Hemapriya is a medical doctor who is also a certified child nutritionist. She writes about baby meal plans, nutrition, toys and activities, travel foods, and other topics for babies on this blog, as well as toddler meal plans, health, nutrition, and education.

She is the mother of two adorable children, a boy and a girl, and is married to a Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon. She lives in the beautiful South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, in the temple city of Madurai.


Ruchita Dar Shah's FirstMomClub

First Moms Club (FMC) was founded by Ruchita Dar Shah as a Facebook group with the goal of connecting Indian mothers all over the world to share the joys and sorrows of motherhood. FMC understands that a woman's role is much broader than simply raising her children. She wears many hats: mother, daughter, wife, friend, and, more often than not, professional. She and all other mothers are in this together.


Minakshi Bajpai's MommysTimeline

Minakshi created "Mommystimline" to assist mothers like her in dealing with their children in the most effective and least messy way possible. Not only does she share her thoughts on something, but she also has the opportunity to interact with so many amazing people who have their own opinions that it can be considered an amazing experience in the short time she has been writing this blog. Minakshi devotes all of the time she can spare from her full-time job as a mother to writing this blog and sharing her experiences. She not only deals with children and teaches them the basics, but she also shares her knowledge of health and fitness, as well as beauty, skin, and hair care.

These are some of the most renowned and viral mom bloggers in India. If you are really looking to connect with the best parenting bloggers, then find a professional influencer marketing agency in Delhi now!!

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