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How to crosspost to Instagram from a facebook page - Guide 2023, WhizCo

How to crosspost to Instagram from a facebook page - Guide 2023

If you're managing a Facebook page and an Instagram account, crossposting can be an effective way to share content across both platforms. Crossposting allows you to post content to both platforms simultaneously, saving time and effort. A lot of users are now employing  cross posting in their strategy to yield the best visibility amongst their audience as cross posting allows you to reach a wider audience and you can greatly benefit from this tactic.

 In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to crosspost from a Facebook page to an Instagram account. 

What is Cross-Posting?

Cross-posting is the act of sharing the same content on multiple social media platforms. For example, you can create a post on your Facebook page and then share that same post on your Instagram account or Twitter profile. 

Benefits of Cross-posting 

Cross-posting is an effective strategy for businesses and individuals who want to reach a wider audience and increase their social media engagement. Here are some reasons why you should consider cross-posting:

  1. Consistency: Cross-posting can help you maintain consistency in your social media strategy by ensuring that your messaging and branding are consistent across all platforms.

  2. Expand your audience: Different social media platforms attract different audiences, so cross-posting allows you to reach a wider range of people with your content.

Even though cross-posting can be beneficial, it's also important to tailor your content for each platform as per the requirements of that platform.. Different platforms have different audience demographics, posting formats, and engagement patterns, so you may need to adjust your content and strategy accordingly and then dive into which content piece works best for that particular platform. 

Have a look at the steps that are required to cross post from Instagram to Facebook 

Step 1: Connect Your Facebook Page and Instagram Account

Before you can crosspost to Instagram from your Facebook page, you need to make sure your accounts are connected. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to your Facebook page.

  2. Click on Instagram from the left-hand menu.

  3. Click the Connect Account button. 

  4. Enter your Instagram login credentials and click Log In.

Once you've connected your accounts, you can start crossposting from your Facebook page to Instagram.

Step 2: Create a Post on Your Facebook Page

Now that your accounts are connected, it's time to create a post on your Facebook page that you want to crosspost to Instagram. Here's how to create a post:

Step 3: Customise Your Instagram Post

Once you've clicked on the Instagram icon, you'll be taken to a screen where you can customise your Instagram post. Here are the different options available to you,have a look: 

Step 4: Now you can post your content 

Once you've customised your Instagram post, it's time to post your content. Here's how to do it:

Once you've posted your content to Instagram, it will also appear on your Facebook page and viola your cross posting is successful and attempted in a seamless way. 

Extra tips to make your cross posting successful 

Here are some tips for customising your Instagram posts:

  1. Utilise hashtags to increase the visibility of your content to new users on Instagram.

  2. Posting at the right time is crucial on Instagram since it has different peak usage times than Facebook. Make sure to schedule your posts at the optimal time to reach the most users.

  3. Crossposting can be a helpful way to save time and effort, but avoid posting every single Facebook post to Instagram. Ensure that the content you post on Instagram is relevant to your audience on that platform.


Crossposting from your Facebook page to Instagram is a great way to share content across platforms and reach a wider audience. By following these steps and tips, you can make the most of this feature and create engaging content for both platforms.If you want to increase your visibility and reach then you must cross post so that you can amplify your content reach effectively. WhizCo is India’s leading influencer marketing agency. WhizCo bridges the gap between creators and Brands and helps brands execute unforgettable influencer marketing campaigns and helps them grow online. WhizCo offers a complete solution to brands for running campaigns- from shortlisting, evaluating and onboarding influencers, to gathering feedback and performance tracking- All this coupled with years of expertise in managing thousands of creators and executing multiple campaigns at once.

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