Top 10 Education Influencers In India to Follow in 2023 - Whizco

Top 10 Education Influencers In India to Follow in 2023 - Whizco

The rise of influencer marketing has given birth to a new niche of influencers on Instagram called the ‘educational influencers. These educational influencers are the audience's trusted and credible source for everything related to the education sector or your academic future. Education is the fundamental right for each and every citizen of the country, hence the educational influencers today are providing a platform for students and professionals to seek and learn new concepts.

The education tips being put out by influencers

The educational information today online is very diverse, millions of people from different demographics and age brackets are looking for information academically, and looking for different tips. These influencers streamline the content and provide their valuable content on the different sectors like finance, marketing, advertising to name a few.

Many top brands today want to work with creators or influencers who have an impressive online presence and can exert their influence and knowledge on the targeted audience. The best way to connect with influencers is with agencies that have a terrific line up of content creators and influencers.

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Have a look at the top  10 educational influencers in India based on their content and popularity:

1. Abhi and Niyu

The duo started their page in 2019, and wanted to talk about positive and impactful stories from India. Their main forte is to simplify issues for the millennials on diverse topics like history, geography, social commentary, finance, banking, environment etc. Their Instagram account @abhiandniyu has a massive following of 2.7 million, recently, the influencer couple was featured on Forbes' 30 under 30, 2021, and on billboards across Mumbai as a part of Facebook's More Together campaign.  The duo makes videos that are solution oriented and eye catching for their online audience.

2. Ankur Wariko

He is a talented entrepreneur, investor and motivational speaker. Having over 1 million Instagram followers, Wariko makes impressive videos on education, literacy, public speaking and life in general. He provides key tips for future entrepreneurs and start-ups, and his successful YouTube channel helps him mentor future leaders.

3.Sonam Wangchuk

He is an education reformist and has over 126k followers on Instagram with a prominent presence on YouTube. He has won a lot of accolades and awards for his educational and scientific contributions. He has been part of various revolutionary movements and one such movement was the ‘I live simply movement’ that addressed climate change..

4. Ranveer Allabahdia

Donning many hats, Ranveer is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and podcaster. His Instagram handle @beerbiceps has a massive following of 2 million followers. He started his journey back in 2015 and jumped in the field of motivation, self-help and personal grooming. He has constantly reinvented himself and enjoys a good fan base.

5. Dhruv Rathee

He is a youtuber, activist and mechanical engineer and talks about diverse topics like the social, political and environmental issues of India. Despite getting the short end of the stick, he keeps creating informative content and his main goal is to educate the audience with knowledge on the wide-ranging topics.

6. Roman Saini

He is the founder of the AI- based education app called Unacademy. At the  age of 16 he cracked NEET and started his career as a junior doctor, at the age of 22 he cracked UPSC and joined as an IAS officer in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. As the founder of Unacademy, he wanted to educate and provide information to the students and be a good mentor.

7. Raj Shamani

He was recently listed in the top 5 young influencers of India and has over 125K followers on Instagram. Being a prolific speaker, he was also appointed as a United Nations representative. He has featured on a number of platforms like ABC, Fox, YourStory etc. and continues to give advice to upcoming leaders.

8. Himesh Madaan

 The 34-year-old Noida based educational influencer started his journey as a life coach in the corporate world. His YouTube channel has over 6.5 million subscribers and he has over 161K followers on Instagram. Madaan also specialises in youth training programs and is one the best educational influencers in our country.

9. Neha Nagar

 She is an Indian entrepreneur, social media influencer and financial expert and enjoys immense popularity on social media apps like Instagram and YouTube.  She produces content on various subjects like market, trading and taxation and has her own taxation consultancy called In a span of 1 year, she gained over a million followers on Instagram.

10. Sharan Hegde

 He is a former consultant, and worked with banks and NBFC’S. He is an expert speaker on topics such as crypto, banking, insurance, mutual funds etc. The result being that he has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, 300k+ YouTube subscribers and over 64,700 followers on LinkedIn and has today become a prominent educational influencer. 

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