Top Female Fitness Influencers In India to Follow in 2023

Top Female Fitness Influencers In India to Follow in 2023

Top Female Fitness Influencers In India to Follow in 2023

Fitness and Health have become popular domains and people have started recognizing its importance. This has led to the rising popularity of fitness influencers in India. Moreover, women have come to the forefront, and have started thriving in this area due to their grit and stamina. Various social media platforms have given opportunity to these female fitness influencers to show their journey and skills emphasising on body positivity and overall growth. 

Brands today are looking to connect with such strong influencers that have a unique style of storytelling.

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 So have a look at some of the top female influencers in our country that are currently breaking all stereotypes:

Yasmin Karachiwala

 She is the first certified BIAS Pilates trainer who also set up her own pilates studio in Mumbai. She has personally trained Bollywood celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt to name a few. Karachiwala is synonymous with Pilates which combines strength training and yoga and she has surely inspired many people with her strength and stamina. 

Bani J

She started her journey from MTV Roadies and has now become one of the most influential female fitness creators. Her strong, toned muscular body is surely an inspiration for her followers who look upto her fitness journey. She has over a million instagram followers and continues to engage with her audience with motivating and inspiring fitness content. 

Namrata Purohit

She is the youngest certified Stott Pilates trainer in the world and her fitness journey led her to write a book called ‘The Lazy girl’s guide to being fit’. She trains celebrities like Jahanvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and many more. Purohit is someone you should definitely follow if you are inspired by pilates or hardcore workout. 

Deanee Pandey

She is the lifecoach and fitness trainer, and shares tips on exercising, eating healthy and personal grooming. She’s also written the books ‘Shut Up And Train: A Complete Fitness Guide For Men And Women’ and ‘Balance: The Secret To True Health And Happiness In 13 Ways’ among others. She is the sister in law and aunt of popular bollywood actors, Chunky and Ananya Pandey. 

Radhika Bose

She is popularly known as ‘yogasini’ and has been practising yoga for the last 9 years. On her instagram page you will find various fitness challenges and motivational quotations. Her top-notch workout routines will surely blow your mind and she has become one of the top female fitness influencers in the country. 

Sonali Swami

She started out as a Zumba trainer in Bangalore and then slowly transitioned to weightlifting. She is now a fitness model with coveted championships like Fit Factor India and MuscleMania India to her belt. She also bagged a bronze medal in bodybuilding at the Asian championship in 2016. Swami is truly an inspiration for people out there. 

Shivangi Bhatnagar

She follows the ‘research oriented approach’ when it comes to her outlook on fitnes. She advocates that one needs to learn everything about their body, before starting their journey of fitness and health.  She is a certified trainer ( America Council Of Exercise) and has a very confident and strong personality. Her instagram has some game changing routines. 

Sucheta Pal 

She is a certified Zumba instructor, and has become the face of Zumba in India. She was also awarded the president’s award for her amazing work towards women's wellness in India. Her Zumba moves are very popular and she has become a popular fitness influencer figure. 

Shweta Rathore

She started as an Engineer graduate but then followed her true passion, of fitness. Her journey is truly inspiring,and she has won multiple titles one of them being ‘Physique Athlete Miss world’, she has over 355k+ instagram followers and her content is extremely motivational.

Anupriya Kapur

She promotes physical and mental wellbeing, for her running is her passion and her instagram posts have a feel good content, showing her marathon skills and positivity. With over 104k followers on instagram, Kapur is a popular fitness influencer and inspires everyone out there. 

There is a need as a society, to give these strong women their due as they have broken all kinds of stereotypes and emerged extremely popular on social media. Fitness Influencers today have the ability to exert influence on a key audience, and the audience trusts their journey and recommendations in promoting a holistic lifestyle. So go and follow these terrific influencers on instagram and get inspired by their fitness journey. 

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