Find Instagram Influencers in India-Influencer Marketing-Whizco

Find Instagram Influencers in India-Influencer Marketing-Whizco

Find Instagram Influencers in India

How to find Instagram influencers on WhizCo?

Content creators and influencers today have built a credible name for themselves and brands rely on their popularity and fame to market their products or services. .A brand approaches an influencer who has a good fan following and partners with them so that the influencer/creator can promote a brand's product on their social media pages.

Companies like WhizCo, India’s leading influencer marketing agency have creators that have generated over 1 million pieces of content generating more than a million likes on over 20 different categories over 12 different languages. WhizCo provides a bridge between brands and creators effectively and the WhizCo influencer search engine is a one stop destination where you can find influencers from different categories under one roof. 

The key aspect is finding the right kind of influencer for your company or brand. So how do we do it? In this article we will tell you how to pick and find the right influencer on WhizCo’s search engine and that will end all your worries. 

Our WhizCo influencer discovery engine, helps you browse from more than 50,000 creators across 50+ categories and 12+ languages.

How does the influencer discovery portal work?

Discover creators by their location, age, language, category, gender, followers count, and engagement rate, and get a detailed analysis of each influencer on metrics such as follower count, engagement rate, and average likes, views, and comments to create influencer wishlists and download them later in an XLS file.

From making influencer lists to your final campaign report, get the most out of your campaign with our Campaign Management System. Track your progress and results, reach out to creators, create a media plan, track deliverables, manage content calendars, and more with easy-to-use tools and features.

Manage the full lifecycle of your campaign with our Mobile app. Manage your collaborations, deliverables, and campaign with our mobile app, and use our chat features to take influencer marketing on the go.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry our proficient team has got you covered and we can help you find the best influencer for your next campaign. From Indigenous Short-Video apps to Social Media Giants, WhizCo has helped numerous brands reach their full potential and create impactful campaigns. From shortlisting, evaluating and onboarding influencers to gathering feedback, managing dry runs, and performance tracking- we can take care of everything and anything for you. 

Our Plans 

Currently, WhizCo is offering three business plans to end your search for the right influencer.  

1.The Free business plan is for the small campaigns, wherein you get 1000 free searches, 100 profile details and 100 exports. 

2.The next plan is the business plan where you can pay Rs. 2000 and get free access to 5000 searches, 500 profile details and 250 exports. 

3.The last mega plan is, the campaign plan for the big and major campaigns where you can pay Rs. 10,000 and get access to 10,000 searches, 2000 profile details and 2000 exports. This plan also includes chatting and negotiating with the influencer directly and getting detailed analytics to get the maximum ROI for your campaign.

Schedule a Demo

You can also schedule a demo from our Website, where you can have a chat for 30 mins with our Marketing Manager, Radhika Dhamija who will guide you about our company and all the plans that you can avail from our website. Once you click on it then you can, select the time and date for your session and then your appointment is scheduled.

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