Fit tuber biography

Fit Tuber (Vivek Mittal ) Biography, Weight, Age, Height- Whizco

Fit Tuber (Vivek Mittal ) Biography, Weight, Age, Height- Whizco

Who is Vivek Mittal 

Fit tuber biography is interesting one. Vivek Mittal, also popularly known as Fit Tuber, is a very well-known and popular fitness youtuber. His youtube channel is in the fitness domain, and focuses mostly on fitness,nutrition and overall general fitness. His channel has more than 6 million subscribers and generates more than 250 million views. 

Childhood and Early Life 

Born in 1989 in Bhatinda, Punjab, Vivek Mittal completed his schooling from Bhatinda and studied B.Tech from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University,New Delhi. His mother teaches economics, his father is a civil engineer and  Vivek has a net worth of about $90 million. He spent three years working for Infosys after earning his BTech degree.  It was only during his college days that Vivek realized his true calling and interest in fitness. He has never taken any formal training in fitness and his passion started from his own curiosity. 


His youtube journey started in 2016 when he uploaded his first video and instantly his video met with a lot of positive response. The goal of Fit Tuber is to help people realize that their health comes first. Everything else will take care of itself as long as you have a healthy body and feel good about yourself. He has produced a number of videos on issues such as fitness and health, healthy cooking, safeguarding oneself from dangerous chemicals found in everyday products, and weight loss.  

He has been very vocal about his love for reading books and he is passionate about books related to ayurveda and healthy lifestyle. He wanted to transmit his love for health, wellness and lifestyle to millions of people hence his channel became a catalyst for this new healthy way of living. 

Achievements and struggles

In 2019, he got the honor for the Rashtriya Gaurav Award. Fit Tuber's popularity is mostly due to the fact that he shuns  body-shaming and believes that  it should not exist in any context. Mittal believes that the world is already dealing with so many issues so we should be kind with our bodies and not shame each other on our physicalities. His most recent video, "Meet My Family," tickles the audience's funny bone and brings solace and joyful moments. 

Despite the fact that his videos are quite educational and enlightening, numerous global FMCG firms have criticized him for his work. In particular, his "worst to best" series, for which he was served with numerous legal notices, had five of his videos removed from YouTube, and was the subject of a Bombay High Court trial. In the process, he lost nearly a year's worth of earnings. He also talks about non-conventional topics that could be seen as taboo in society .He is not bothered by any criticisms or problems that are thrown his way and continues to share informational videos for his audience and inspires millions of them. 

Vivek mittal net worth

vivek mittal net worth is estimated to around $90 million as of 2023. This is largely due to the success of the YouTube channel, which has over 6 million subscribers. In addition to YouTube revenue, Fit Tuber also earns money through affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

Facts about Fit tuber

Fit tuber is a popular fitness channel that was created in 2016 with over 7 million subscribers.

He shares holistic health and fitness practices on his youtube channel named Fit Tuber.

One of the channel's most popular videos is “15 min daily yoga routine for beginners” has over 19 millions. 

Fit tuber creates high quality video that looks appealing with high quality graphics and concise explanations.  

Fit tuber won  several awards like youtube silver play button for reaching 100,000 subscribers and youtube gold button for reaching 1 million subscribers. 

Fit tuber community is highly engaged. They comment on each video that tell about the popularity of his content. 

In addition to offering videos on mental health fit tuber shares tips about self-improvement and productivity

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