Amazon Influencers one must know in 2023 - Whizco

Amazon Influencers one must know in 2023 - Whizco

Amazon Influencers one must know in 2023

In the digital age, social media and influencer marketing has become essential for any brand to thrive. The audience values the recommendations of influencers with a certain credibility and authenticity. Companies like Amazon are trying to increase their brand awareness and drive sales on amazon through amazon influencers and creators. These creators are a part of the amazon influencer program, where the influencers part of this ecosystem are provided with promotional links by amazon to publish on their social media accounts and then rewards them every time a customer clicks on the link to make a purchase. This program has proven to be more cost effective than amazon advertising. 

In this article, we will highlight the top 10 global amazon influencers who are part of the amazon influencer program who are experts in their particular niche: 

1.Ashley Marquez

She is a teacher by profession and focuses on motivational content and creative teaching. Her content also focuses on kids, lifestyle and fashion.She usually partners with brands that highlight and improve the teaching learning process. She is a macro influencer with 298K followers on instagram and 41.7K followers on Pinterest. Her content is wholesome and motivational and she is one of the top amazon influencers. 

2.Letcia Gradner 

One of the biggest influencers with 1.7 million followers on tik-tok and 423K followers on instagram. She focuses on an array of topics like lifestyle, fashion and fitness. She is married to Rod Gardner, who is also an amazon influencer and owns a fitness lifestyle band.


3. Jamye Hunter 

A fashion and beauty influencer with 49.7K followers on tik-tok and 10.5k followers on instagram. She is an ex US army national guard but is now a full time amazon influencer. Her content is about fitness and making healthy life choices. Hunter today is one of the top amazon influencers of 2022. 

4.Nancy Basile

A very prominent figure in the print industry, Basile has over 12K instagram followers and massive companies like cartoon network and Warner Bros. have highlighted her downloaded printables. She writes reviews and guides of movies and tv shows and her targeted audience is mainly movie buffs and aficionados. She has certainly become one of the top amazon influencers.

5.Tiffany Aytes

Her specialty is reviewing products and online deals. For an audience looking for best deals and offers on special deals, she is the right kind of amazon influencer for you. Her website is the ultimate destination to see an overview of all the good deals on the different products and therefore she is a prominent amazon influencer. 

6. Justin Braun 

Having an impressive online presence,with 16.9K youtube subscribers and 3.8k followers on instagram, His content mainly focuses on tech, travel and off-road adventures.He usually posts adrenaline filled content about his DIY adventures and promotes amazon products is his videos helping drive sales by being their affiliate partner. 

7. Justin Sunseri

He is the host of a polyvagal podcast and is a very unique amazon influencer. Being a certified marriage counsellor and therapist and often promotes self help books and manuals. What makes him different from the other influencers is his handling of sensitive topics like trauma and healing. He is the perfect amazon influencer in his particular niche!

8.Tbones Tech

With a massive following of 68.2K subscribers on YouTube, and 1,4K followers on Instagram, he is a filmographer and photographer. He regularly posts unboxing videos of tech and photography equipment. He promotes amazon products on his channel and his recommendations are trusted by the audience. He is an expert in his field and a top amazon influencer

9. Chelsea Sweets

A professional baker and cake decorator, she is certainly a prominent face for the FMCG brands. She has over 1.2 million followers on instagram,279K subscribers on youtube and 70.8K followers on Pinterest. Her amazon storefront has baking ideas, icing techniques, baking tools and kitchenware making her a valuable part of the amazon influencer family.


With over 2 million subscribers on youtube, Makoccino is a famous amazon influencer. Her videos focus mainly on sketching, painting and self expression. Her main fortee is watercolour painting and she markets art supplies on her amazon page. She also promotes specific amazon products as part of her training and her studently follow her recommendations ardently. 

In conclusion, top Amazon influencers have become an increasingly influential group in the e-commerce industry. With the rise of social media and influencer marketing, these individuals have been able to showcase products on the Amazon platform and reach a wider audience than ever before.

The best Amazon influencers are those who are able to communicate the benefits and features of a product in a genuine and relatable manner, while also providing useful and accurate information. They often share their own personal experiences and reviews, which can make them more trustworthy to their followers.

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