Top Free Fire Players In India To Follow In 2023 - Whizco

Top Free Fire Players In India To Follow In 2023 - Whizco

According to a recent survey, Garena Free Fire, a battle royale game, is one of the most played mobile games in India. This game became one of the most streamed games in India in recent times having  topped the global charts for the most downloaded game with over 150 million active users. Garena Free Fire is developed by 111dots studio and published by Garena. Owing to the games’ popularity many Indian players have emerged in the national and international gaming arena’s of Free Fire. 

Here is the list of the top free fire players in India based on their performance and popularity. 


He is part of the TSG squad and comprises the top 1% of the free fire worldwide. His squad played in the free fire asia competition and his terrific skills and unique style of playing makes him a leader in this list. In the games 12th season he got the score of 3354,upgrading him to the heroic tier. On his youtube channel he has over 10 million subscribers and also has outstanding ratings in single, duet and squad game modes. 


He is truly one of the best players in Free Fire and belongs to the BOSS guild organisation. His statistics speak for him,he has a 41.6 win percentage in over 4000 matches and is ranked in the 1% top free fire players. There is a 28% chance of your squad winning, with JIGS’S personal records. He is truly unbeatable in Free Fire.


Jayesh Yadav, professionally known as TSM FTX MR JAY is one of the best players of Free Fire in India with a tremendous record. At the esports premier league, he won the MVP (most valuable player )Award and has also maintained top positions in the international free fire tournaments globally. He has an impressive following of 107,000 subscribers on youtube and is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. 

4. Sk Sabir Boss

Primarily a youtuber and a  streamer by profession, Sabir is touted as one of the best Free fire players in the country with a win percentage of over 33.05 and the KD ratio of 5.30. His style of gaming is typically  different from what you see in traditional gamers and he can easily adapt to every situation. Sabir is surely the one to watch out for. 

5. Action Bolt

Anup Mandal, professionally known as Action Bolt, completely justifies his game name. Action Bolt has participated in 17773 Squad Battles, winning 7959 of them, bringing his victory rate to 44.78 percent. His KD ratio is believed to be 5.77. His records show us how incredible of a player he is and nobody stands a chance of winning against him in a one on one game. He also has over 1 million subscribers on youtube.

6. TSG Ritik

TSG Ritik and his cousin TSG Yash are very strong players of Free Fire. They have their own youtube channel with a strong fan base.He appeared in 2271 matches and won 251 of them. He has 4300 kills and overall  he won 53 matches out of 823 single bouts. TSG Ritik has competed in the free fire asian invitation too making him one of the prominent players of Free fire in India.

7. Raistar

Most popular for his skills in flanking and catching his enemies off guard,Raistar is truly one of the best players in Free Fire in our country. He is also very popular on youtube with an impressive following of more than 2 million subscribers. He is a darkhorse and  the one to watch out for!

So this was our list of the top players in Free fire in India. These young lads have been able to change the landscape of the gaming world in our country and have also inspired other gamers to be dedicated and hardworking so that India can be represented at a global level in online gaming.

I hope you find this blog interesting and informative one. Read our blog page to read more interesting blogs.

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