Complete Guide to Hashtag analytics in 2023 - Whizco

Complete Guide to Hashtag analytics in 2023 - Whizco


What is a hashtag?

By effectively grouping conversations or content related to a specific topic, hashtags make it simple for users to identify stuff that interests them.

Although hashtags can be used on almost every social media site, Twitter and Instagram are where they are most often used.

What is Hashtag Analysis?

The practice of monitoring hashtag performance is known as hashtag analytics. It's frequently used to determine whether the hashtags you've employed or used are producing positive outcomes and are favourable for your brand. Therefore, hashtag analytics is especially helpful for assessing the success of a campaign that uses branded hashtags.

The different kinds of hashtags

There are several kinds of hashtags that you can use to advance your social media content. Have a look at a few different kinds of hashtags to get complete guide to hashtag analytics

Branded Hashtags 

A branded hashtag is the kind of hashtag that directly promotes your brand. It can simply be your company name along with a keyword that will focus on your brand name.

Eg: Disney Plus is a well-known streaming service, introduced a hashtag competition on TikTok, the company's brand came up with a branded hashtag called #DisneyPlusVoices.

#DisneyPlusVoices launched in honour of Disney Plus Day, a marketing holiday commemorating the app's second anniversary in 2021, and received an impressive 18.3 billion views on TikTok.

This is a classic example of how well a branded hashtag can work!

Content Hashtags

When you use relevant keywords as hashtags for your brand content it's called a content Hashtag. You can find relevant and useful hashtags that you should continue using for your posts by analysing the content hashtags. These hashtags could form a recurring part of your hashtag strategy.

Eg: If you are promoting a moisturiser, then a content hashtag for it could be #SkinCare and #Beauty.

Event Hashtag

For any upcoming company event, you can use a unique event hashtag that will focus on that particular event. Once you start analysing the event hashtag, you can get a clear idea on how that hashtag is faring and how many people are talking about your event. 

Eg: The annual "Creator Day" celebration honours creators because they most accurately capture how users of Meta's platforms share, express themselves, and have fun. On this occasion #MetaCreatorsDay was the hashtag used by creators for this event and it became really popular. 

Campaign Hashtag 

When a hashtag is created for a specific campaign for your brand, then that hashtag is called Campaign Hashtag. These hashtags create buzz regarding that particular campaign. 

Social listening is a great tool for monitoring use of your campaign/ad hashtags and how well the audience is responding to your hashtag. 

Eg: Lays launched a very unique campaign called #DoUsAFlavour where they asked the audience to come up with their own unique flavours for Lays that did not exist before. This campaign is an example of how well the company engaged with the users. 

They are the hashtags that are trending in those particular moments.Although they might not always be pertinent to your sector, they do give you a glimpse into current conversations. As a result, you can utilise them to join popular discussions.

Hashtag Metrics to Track

Follow these hashtag metrics to figure out, how successful your hashtags are and have complete guide to hashtag analytics

  1. Reach 

This means, how many people saw your content. If your brand’s main objective is Brand awareness then it’s important that your content reaches a bigger audience.So, reach becomes an important factor in your hashtag analysis.

  1. Popularity

If your campaign hashtag is being used frequently, it means that your target audience finds your campaign to be very appealing. Usage is a helpful metric to gauge the performance of a campaign and find the most effective hashtags for your company.

  1. Engagement 

The likes, comments, shares that happen in your content is the engagement and the interaction of your audience with your brand and the hashtag. It is a key feature to measure the success of your campaign.

After you have understood the guide to hashtag analytics and the metrics of its measurement, you can then access devices and hashtag analysis tools like Later, Keyhole, Hashtagify etc. and get detailed information on your hashtag performance. 

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