10 powerful ways to increase Instagram engagement in 2023 -Whizco

10 powerful ways to increase Instagram engagement in 2023 -Whizco

10 powerful ways to increase Instagram engagement in 2023

We all strive to get the maximum instagram engagement, but just because you make good content it does not guarantee you getting more engagement. There is a need for you to study what works for your brand and what does not work for your brand amongst your audience. 

We have compiled 10 powerful ways for you to get Increase Instagram engagement and if you follow these simple ideas and steps then you will definitely expand your audience and boost your engagement. 

  1. Make Shareable content

When you make relatable content then your audience can’t help but share it and save it. Consider how you can make it simpler for others to save or share your content. Knowing your audience and what they respond to is necessary for this.If you get more saves on your meme, reel and posts then it will increase engagement and expand your audience base.

  1. Memes 

The digital age is inundated with memes that make you laugh. If the memes are funny,relatable and unique then they will definitely fetch you more engagement as a lot of people on social media today relate to memes and they have become a means to connect with your audience. 

  1. Call to Action 

One of the best ways to get instagram engagement is to include your call to action in your captions under the reel or post you have posted. You can ask your audience to like, share and follow your page and also ask them to click the link in your bio. If you have attached an external link in your bio then mentioning CTA can drive the audience to click on it and increase your engagement.

  1. More User-Generated Content

Actively inviting and promoting user-generated content is a terrific strategy to raise your account's Instagram engagement rates. Your users are more likely to share the content with their followers when you share UGC and tag them in it. That will surely make your content’s reach move at a faster pace and give you a set of new followers.

  1. Giveaways 

Brands today can look to indulge in Giveaways, by offering a free gift, product or service to their followers. This is a great way to increase engagement and also increase visibility. The tag/follow/share method to participate in the giveaways or contests might work best if your giveaway's objective is to boost engagement.It's an easy and obvious approach to get a lot of interaction on a single post.

  1. Collaborations 

Influencers today have become the most bankable and vital social media tool to get engagement and increase brand awareness. If you collaborate and partner with content creators/ influencers then it’s a win-win for everyone involved. To boost Instagram engagement, you don't necessarily need to have a well-known celebrity influencer. Smaller or micro-influencers can be just as powerful and give you the best results. Micro-influencers are also more reasonably priced and are regarded as being more genuine. So get those influencers onboard and see your engagement skyrocketing!

  1. Consistency is key 

Once you start putting out content, be consistent in your postings. Stick to a particular schedule and let your audience know when you will be putting out your next reel or post. This will create curiosity in your audience and as a result it will boost your engagement. You may keep a manual log of your Instagram posting schedule and monitor the performance of each of your posts  in an Excel or Google Doc.

  1. Use right hashtags 

Hashtags are extremely efficient and important in bringing the right audience to your page. A well thought out hashtag for your instagram can go a long way and help you up your game. If the hashtag is generic it won’t work with the audience, but if you do something out of the box then your hashtag will draw more attention and increase engagement. 

  1. Instagram Stories 

You can use instagram stories to your advantage, and make them interactive and engaging. Some of the ways you can make your stories stand out is by doing Q and A, adding links to your stories and using interactive stickers. This way, the engagement is boosted and more people notice your content. 

  1. Put out different content 

If you are looking to increase engagement, then be different from the rest of the crowd. Dabble in different content styles like memes, reels, videos and posts and bring something unique in every style so that the audience feels connected to your messaging and beliefs. This is a guaranteed way to increase engagement as the instagram algorithm will push your content forward. 

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