Top Indian Art Influencers In 2023 - Whizco

Top Indian Art Influencers In 2023 - Whizco

Top Indian Art Influencers In 2023

We live in than and age where art is not just a tangible thing but it has also become a part of our lives virtually through social media platforms, movies, music etc. Art is about feeling uninhibited in your thoughts, emotions and what you are truly feeling, it is about expressing yourself fully without the fear of being judged. Every artist is unique and special in their own way. It has been said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder hence everyone can appreciate art and that is truly the real beauty of the art and also the artist.

We have compiled the list of the top Indian art influencers, who are ruling the digital world and showcasing their artistic prowess like never before. Follow them on social media to get a peek inside their artsy creations!

  1. Sarah Modak

       This young talented artist hailing from Mumbai, grapples with a variety of art techniques. Her instagram page @sarahmodakart  is home to some of her ink, acrylic painting and kangra miniature.  She has a very honest and truthful approach to her art which truly touches our hearts. Follow her instagram page to see art in its most honest form.

  1. Mamta Singh 

She is a wall muralist, an illustrator and an educator who teaches doodles through Doodle Art workshop workshops. She Often finds her inspiration in Memphis art,doodles, and line art. Singh has worked on various projects and made murals for cafes, hotels, offices, etc but she believes that her most challenging work so far has been for the live wall art installation for JLF (Jaipur literature festival). Follow her to get a glimpse of her interesting artwork!

  1. Jayesh Joshi 

He is an artist from Bangalore, and his art taps into various complex topics like sexuality, masculinity, religion, and the human body. Joshi believes that people have started to appreciate art in their lives and not just in art galleries and museums, His alter ego is jayman and that is also his username for his social media like Instagram and Facebook. He cites music as one of his inspirations and influences for his art and he takes something rather simple and turns it into a powerful piece of art. You can follow his Instagram page and have a look at some of his creations. 

  1. Chaitanya Limaye

  His account @artofchai is where he illustrates and photographs ‘chai’, a cartoon version of himself in different real-life surroundings, and expresses how he sees the world through him. He draws, paints, and animates digitally and expresses himself through a combination of illustrations and photography. He has another account ‘Ru and Chai’ which he runs with his partner, Rucha. Follow his account to see some creativity and you can also buy his art from his website. 

  1. Neha Doodles

She is a Delhi-based cartoonist, illustrator, and animator and has been making waves with her creative artwork. As a child, she made doodles on newspapers and greeting cards for her friend. Neha’s work has been published in many other prints and digital platforms like Huffington Post, The Tribune, The Delhi Times, Times of India, Tinkle Digest, Cosmopolitan, etc. She has more than 269k followers on Instagram and is one of the top art influencers right now.

  1. Harun Robert

Popularly known as ‘Rob’, he is an Indian professional artist, youtube and tv personality. He was the creative director and host of the famous Pogo show Do it Yourself and M.A.D. Watching Rob gives you a sense of nostalgia and takes you back to your childhood. His art on Instagram is creative and he has also collaborated with Disney India on various projects. He hosts workshops for children and is also a graffiti artist.  Rob is one of the top Indian art influencers today.

  1. Aditi Dash

  She is a Mumbai-based artist, her forte is graphic art and illustration. She was commissioned by ELLE  India to create illustrations of Alice in wonderland in an Indian context. She is the creative director of her independent studio, Dots & Dash and her practice is very playful, progressive, and experimental. She embraces a collaborative approach to design, helping brands, businesses & individuals to communicate their stories through compelling visuals.

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