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The power of influencer marketing campaigns in this day and age is unmatched. Brands are leveraging this powerful tool to promote their products and services by partnering with popular social media influencers and creators. Roping in popular faces to sell or promote your brand has today become the number one marketing strategy for many brands.

The pandemic has completely changed the digital ecosystem as many people today rely on what their favorite influencers have to say or recommend. We are more likely to purchase something that a popular creator or influencer promotes because of a certain authenticity or credibility that the new-age influencers have built over time. 

Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are paying these influencers good money because of their organic audiences. 

Brands are curating their influencer marketing campaigns in such a way that they can capture the attention of their audience by being more creative. The influencer marketing campaigns today are not just restricted to sponsored posts, there is so much more that brands can do and you never know when a certain post or reel can blow up and get you the desired traction and traffic that is needed for the brand to drive sales and have enough buzz to increase brand awareness. 

Working with influencers today is a lot cheaper than a paid advertisement, as brands can buy into the creator or influencers' loyal fan base. Looking to connect with influencers? WhizCo is India’s leading influencer marketing agency. WhizCo bridges the gap between creators and Brands and helps brands execute unforgettable influencer marketing campaigns and helps them grow online. WhizCo offers a complete solution to brands for running campaigns- from shortlisting, evaluating and onboarding influencers, to gathering feedback and performance tracking- All this coupled with years of expertise in managing thousands of creators and executing multiple campaigns at once. Check our services at whizco

We will now tell you about the different types of influencer marketing campaigns you can leverage for your brand:

  • Giveaways 

One of the most popular influencer marketing campaigns we see today on social media is Host Giveaways. The giveaways are popular because of the mutual benefits it brings along with it for the audience and the brand. Here the audience gets a chance to win a gift or product by participating in a contest and this builds brand loyalty and engagement. The biggest advantage of giveaways is guaranteed growth in terms of likes, shares and comments. 

The best way to engage your audience in your next influencer marketing campaign? Reels! The Instagram algorithm pushes these short fun videos to the audience and different kinds of influencers and creators are hopping on this trendy bandwagon to create creative reels and engage their audience. You can post promotional videos on reels or use the feature of UGC (User-generated content) for your campaigns for brand. Reels have now become the most favored way for brands and influencers to interact and engage with their audience. 

  • Social Media Takeover 

A takeover is basically when a brand allows an influencer to navigate brand promotions on their social media handles. Users then get an opportunity to interact with their favourite influencers ,brands invite influencers as part of the takeover so that the influencer can answer queries and questions related to the product or service and help resolve them. Other features like Q/A’s, contests, sharing selfies can also be used to further engage the audience. 

  • Reviews


Influencers can help market your product in a lot of ways. These include how-to videos, unboxing, and reviews of the product. Honest reviews by influencers on products create a very personal experience for the buyers and adds to their credibility. Reviews and unboxing brings more visitors and improves engagement, this leaves a lasting impression on the audience and tends to leave a good impact on buyers who seek credible sources before buying any product. 

  • Video Series

The video series can be a part of your long-term social media campaign, and brands and influencers can use platforms like Youtube and Instagram and integrate the use of videos as part of their campaign strategies. A number of brands have done the video series and they have generated lakhs of views. Video series can truly be a game changer for your next marketing campaign.

  • Sponsored Post 

This is one of the most common types of influencer marketing campaigns wherein the influencers promote and post social media content for their brand in form of stories, reels or posts. The brands provide the influencers with certain guidelines and the influencer then launches the content on their social media handles. The influencers are paid for every sponsored post hence it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  • podcasts

They help target specific topics effectively and can be audio and visual. Influencers and brands have started using podcasts as an effective way to talk about specific products or services that can be spoken about in a fun, lighthearted way that engages the audience. 

These were some of the different types of influencer marketing campaigns that can be incorporated into your next campaign and help you get started.  Good luck!

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