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Influencer Marketing Campaign Types

Digital marketing strategies are regularly evolving, and influencer marketing is one of the most trending forms of the same, leading to the highest conversion rates. From agencies to enterprises, every organisation, regardless of their size, is taking advantage of social media marketing, especially influencer marketing. It opens up a new horizon of scope to build valuable partnerships, amplify sales, along with supporting other campaign types, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

By employing Influencer marketing as a part of their marketing strategy, brands are able to establish a trusted audience and boost sales. This power tool has emerged as a powerful tool, and every brand is looking forward to collaborating with social media influencers and promoting their brand name in an authentic way. 

But what are the campaigns that help you science your expected brand outcomes and how to use them optimally? To answer these questions, let’s look at the top 5 types of influencer marketing campaigns before you start your journey with the influencer marketing tools. 

1. Product Collaboration 

Product Collaboration typically involves influencers promoting a brand product or services through their content, including sponsored posts, reels or Instagram stories. Apart from Instagram, many brands also use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or other digital platforms like YouTube. 

An influencer’s honest and authentic way of promoting a product and giving honest and genuine reviews builds a sense of trust among the audience. When audiences see their favourite influencer using a product or a service, they are automatically inclined to the brand, which results in an increase in convergence rate, sales boost, and engagement. By providing the guidelines, themes and expectations of your brand to the influencer, you can allow them to create content that aligns with your name and ethics. 

2. Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests are considered to be the simplest and the most convenient campaign because they bring in mutual benefits. This campaign type raises brand awareness and brand voice. 

In this campaign type, brands collaborate with influencers to give away a particular product or service to their followers. This leads to the brand’s growth due to the shares, reposts and retweets. Audiences generally follow the guidelines to win the giveaway amongst their friends or family, which, as a result, leads to a higher engagement rate and sales boost. 

In order to win a free gift or service from their favourite influencer, there is an effort from the audience’s side, which brings in benefits for the brand, the influencer as well as the followers.

3. Brand Ambassadorships 

This campaign type involves incorporating a brand’s products or services into their content for a long time. Influencers build long-term partnerships with a brand and promote their products by aligning with their regular posts. By making an influencer the face of the brand, the brand gets access to the influencer’s audience, creating a sense of trust among them towards the brand. By employing this campaign type, influencers consistently promote the brand, which ultimately helps to raise brand awareness and increase audience reach. When influencers promote the brand on a regular basis with authenticity, a sense of willingness is developed among the audience to try out the products recommended by their favourite influencers. 

4. Affiliate Marketing 

The process of affiliate marketing involves influencers creating content with a personalised link for their followers. With every sale made using that link, the influencer receives a commission. This is the perfect influencer marketing campaign type if you don’t have a hefty budget. This campaign makes influencers get actively involved for higher conversion rates. 

With the financial stake involved, influencers put extra effort into promoting the brand with authenticity to increase the brand’s engagement rate and sales. Influencers have become a trusted source that the audience listens to. Therefore, by employing this method, influencers can get their audience to purchase the brand’s products or services and earn commissions made by each sale. This method allows brands to work with as many influencers as they want since it is the most cost-effective campaign type. 

5. Takeovers and Guest Content 

Takeovers are campaign types when an influencer becomes in charge of a brand’s social media account. During this brief period, the influencer uploads stories, reels and posts from the brand’s page, offering glimpses of behind-the-scenes shoots and more. 

Guest content, on the other hand, is similar to collaboration, where the influencer contributes content to the brand’s platform without taking over the account, promoting the brand through their own content and creativity, allowing the influencer to creatively introduce their followers to the brand and increasing the brand’s awareness. However, an influencer’s role as a medium between their followers and the brand’s identity is essential to both types of campaigns- takeovers and guest content. 

Wrapping Up

Influencer marketing is a diverse and effective strategy to promote brands among the target audiences and generate positive conversions. From product collaborations to giveaways and contests, these campaigns boost engagement and connections. 

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