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(Updated) Top Influencers In India With Huge fan Following || 2023 - Whizco

(Updated) Top Influencers In India With Huge fan Following || 2023 - Whizco

An increasing numbe­r of individuals with a wide array of skills, from makeup and cooking to photography and fitness, are­ becoming influential figures on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. They have the ability to sway and inspire people through their content.

These individuals have gained recognition for their content creation across various social media platforms. The­y specialise in creating vide­os on interesting and engaging topics, and play a significant role in brand marketing, influencing the trajectory of various services and products. What se­ts these influences apart is their ability to shape trends and impact public opinion. Unlike­ traditional celebrities, their ability lies in their transpare­nt and authentic approach. By fostering a genuine­ connection with their audience, they have built a foundation of trust where their opinions hold value and are highly re­garded.

From fashion to food, navigate through the world of influencers and get set to learn about various influencers making a difference in the industry. .

Beauty Influencers 

In India, beauty and make-up influencers have emerged as trendse­tters who offer valuable insights into the­ world of cosmetics. Through informative product revie­ws, transformative tutorials, and impactful self-care rituals, they guide their dedicate­d followers on personalised be­auty journeys. 

Mrunal Panchal

Mrunal has established herself as one of the leading makeup influence­rs in the country due to her engaging content that is both entertaining and inspiring. He­r videos make viewe­rs eager to expe­riment with different make­up looks. She makes amazing transformative makeup videos on her Instagram and YouTube page, creating different looks inspired by different characters. 

Malvika Sitlani 

Malvika is a new mom who has been into make-up for as long as she can remember. Being a makeup and skincare enthusiast, Malvika creates content on YouTube and Instagram where she does her makeup in front of her audience, often telling her audience stories about her personal life. She is also an entrepreneur and has recently launched her own brand called MASIC Beauty which sells self-care and body care products. 

Aashna Shroff

A beauty and fashion enthusiast, Aashna loves experimenting with makeup and fashion and is one of the most popular makeup influencers in the industry. She recently got engaged to a popular singer, Armaan Malik, and the internet is going crazy over their engagement pictures. Aashna also enjoys home decor and has a separate page on Instagram dedicated to home decor inspiration and decor shopping.


A popular British-Indian YouTuber and content creator, Kaushal mostly makes beauty-related videos on Instagram and YouTube. She is mostly known for her informative beauty tips, captivating makeup tutorials, and relatable lifestyle vlogs.

Shreya Jain 

Shreya is a famous Indian influencer who makes content related to beauty and lifestyle. With a notable and huge fan following on Instagram and YouTube, Shreya curates engaging and informative videos and never lets her fans' expectations down. 

Parul Garg 

The “Queen of Makeup’’ is what Parul Garg is called by her ardent followers. She is one of the most prominent, internationally recognised makeup artists, hailing from Gurgaon, India. From being a lawyer, she has also made her way to becoming a social media influencer. She has experience working with several celebrities like Karishma Kapoor, Malaika Arora, and many more. 

Bhumika Bahl

The popular Indian makeup artist Bhumika Bahl has gained popularity for posting makeup and skin-care-related content on her YouTube and Instagram handles. She is a celebrity makeup artist and makeup educator who also conducts online makeup courses and workshops for her dedicated online followers. 

Anmol Bhatia

With her unique lifestyle and fashion-related content, Anmol garnered fame from creating distinct content on Instagram and YouTube. She has a huge follower count of 1m and never stops pleasing her fan base. She was also cast in several music videos that made her visible among the niche audience. 

Himanshi Tekwani 

Popularly known as “That Glam Girl” by her loving followers, Himanshi creates content offering helpful makeup tutorials, skin-care and beauty tips and informative fashion insights. She has gained wide recognition on YouTube with 5.6 million subscribers and 694k Instagram followers. 

Naina Ruhail 

Naina Ruhail has made her way to be a popular makeup artist and a woman entrepreneur. She has started a company called Vanity Wagon and is also an advocate for Clean Beauty. She has experience working as a makeup artist. She has successfully created a brand voice on Instagram. She has an Instagram page of 50k followers and a YouTube channel with around 2k subscribers. 

Vasudha Rai 

 An experienced beauty expert, having worked as a Beauty Director at Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health in India, Vasudha provides useful insights related to wellness and beauty on her social media platforms and enjoys a following of 85k on Instagram.

Swati Verma -

 A young, talented, 22-year-old makeup artist based in Delhi, Swati is one of the best makeup artists in the industry. She has launched her own beauty brand called Swati Cosmetics and enjoys a massive Instagram following of 2.3 million. Swati’s content mostly revolves around makeup and beauty. She also offers useful insights and tips related to makeup with her loving followers. 

Fashion Influencers 

Known for inspiring millions with their distinct sense of fashion and creating outfits that are accessible to all, fashion influencers are transforming the way fashion is perceived. They create fashion content, curate styles and offer glimpses into their wardrobes, inspiring their audience to enhance their personal styles. 

Komal Pandey

Komal is an extremely talented Indian fashion influencer. Known for her unique fashion sense, Komal loves experimenting with fashion. She has the talent to transform anything into fashion - even a trash bag. Komal has achieved a prominent name in the fashion industry. For Komal, fashion is therapy.

Kritika Khurana 

Kritika’s content is fun to watch and is loved by her followers. She enjoys making diverse content related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. There’s a bit of a fun element in all her videos on YouTube, and therefore, Kritika has gained wide popularity over the years.

Deeksha Khurana 

Deeksha is a prominent social media influencer known for creating fashion-related videos on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Deeksha makes engaging videos related to fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle, and she has a huge audience who consistently and actively engage in her content. 

Siddharth Batra 

 Best known for his unique style and engaging videos related to men’s fashion, Siddharth, through his content on Instagram and YouTube, offers grooming tips, fashion advice and lifestyle insights to his followers and helps them keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Pooja Mundhra 

The creator of ‘The Cozy Vibe’ Instagram handle, Pooja is an internet personality who is known for her fashion experiments and for keeping up with the latest trends and fashion. She enjoys an active fanbase on Instagram as well as on YouTube, where she creates fun and engaging fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. Pooja Mundhra is also an interior designer. 

Ashi Khanna 

Ashi is a bubbly social media personality who enjoys a massive following and support from her young audience across all social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She creates content that mostly revolves around fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She has a following of 1.7m on Instagram and holds the power to influence 882k subscribers through her YouTube videos. 

Aashna Hegde 

A talented Indian Influencer with a vibrant personality, Aashna creates content about fashion and shares beauty tips and her travel experiences with her massive Instagram audience of 1.1m and 834k on YouTube. She has gained popularity over the years and has the ability to charm her young audience with her quirky persona. 

Unnati Malharkar 

An extremely talented, young, charming influencer, Unnati is mostly known for her fashion and beauty tips across social media platforms. Unnati is also a very talented dancer and has her own studio called “Sukoon” in Mumbai. She enjoys making engaging fashion, beauty and dance videos for her active, young audiences.


Somya Gupta 

Somya Gupta, also widely known as The Sass Thing on Instagram, is a young, quirky influencer who makes content related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She is a promising influencer who enjoys a following of 879k people on Instagram and 527k on YouTube. Somya is the brand ambassador of multiple beauty brands, including Maybelline India. 

Roshni Bhatia 

Roshni, widely known as “The Chique Factor”, is loved by her followers for her charming personality and elegant style. She shares creative content on social media related to fashion and beauty, offering relatable beauty tips and fashion hacks with her diverse audience.


Juhi Godambe 

 A well-known Indian fashion Influencer and entrepreneur known for her chic style and fun content on all social media platforms and her own fashion brand, Arabellaa, Juhi shares fashion tips and beauty hacks with her wide engaging audience of 542k followers on Instagram and 55k subscribers on YouTube. 

Sakshi Sindwani 

An Indian content creator known for sharing relatable reels on Instagram and fashion-related videos, Sakshi also shares beauty tips with her diverse audience and receives love and support from her massive Instagram and YouTube family. She is considered to be a style icon by her followers for her elegant, chic and diverse sense of fashion. 

Manav Chhabra 

An extremely loved internet personality, Manav, also known as Mr. Mnv, is a famous influencer and content creator known for making entertaining and engaging videos related to dance, lifestyle and men’s fashion. Manav is considered a favourite among a large group of audience who enjoy watching his content. Apart from being a lawyer, he also enjoys a huge following of 1.7m followers on Instagram and 954k subscribers on YouTube. 

Sanket Mehta 

A young, talented influencer who is loved by his young group of audience for his excellent dancing skills and diverse fashion sense, Sanket is loved and cherished by his followers, and shares dance videos, men’s fashion inspiration and lifestyle vlogs on YouTube.


Travel Influencers 

Travel influencers, often known as modern-day storytellers, travel around the globe to bring the world to our screen. These influencers inspire adventure among dedicated followers by providing valuable information and insights into destinations, travel budgets, hotels, and more.

Larissa D’Sa

The multitalented travel influencer Larissa D’Sa is a bundle of joy to watch. With marvellous skills in creating travel content, the 30-year-old charismatic persona has come a long way from when she started her vlogging endeavour. With over 700K followers on Instagram, she is well-liked for her out-of-the-box aesthetic travel and lifestyle content. 

Aakash Malhotra 

With a thirst to travel to not-so-mainstream destinations all over the world, Aakash Malhotra, known for his Instagram handle @wonderwithsky, is on an expedition of a lifetime. The Gurgaon-based influencer will soon have 800K followers on Instagram and is loved for his enthusiastic outlook. An extreme athlete at heart, he often indulges in adventures like biking and skydiving. 

Isa Khan 

An ex-economics teacher, Isa Khan explores the nooks and corners of India with a patriotic heart as his spirited inspiration. He is a passionate photographer and videographer whose content often goes viral for the rustic essence it spreads. With 790K Insta followers, Isa is on a mission to encourage people to travel around the Indian subcontinent. 

Tanya Khanijow

Bored with her 9 to 5 job, Tanya started her travel venture a few years ago, and since then, there has been no looking back. Starting as a YouTuber, she is now also into making amazing Insta reels and stories with over 730K followers on Instagram and a whopping 1.23 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Siddhartha Joshi 

Known as a sustainable travel influencer, Siddharth Joshi is a one-of-a-kind content creator with numerous unique stories to tell. Hailing from Bengaluru, his photography skills are well-appreciated by over 400K followers on his Insta handle. From Bhutan to Kazakhstan, he has been to many countries to be amidst unique cultures and nature. 

Aakanksha Monga 

The spirited personality, Akanksha Monga, is a happy-go-lucky traveller. With an always smiling face, she has made over 700K people fall for her content on social media. From Finland and Norway to Jordan and Vietnam, she has made her way to tons of interesting places with a lot to offer. 

Anunay Sood 

With over 1 million Instagram followers, Anunay Sood has travelled to 31 countries out of 195. He has bagged multiple Travel Influencer of the Year awards from Cosmo, Forbes, Exhibit, and others. His travel expedition is well-captured through his stories, videos, and reels on multiple social media channels. 

Abhinav Chandel 

Having a storytelling approach toward making his travel connect, Abhinav Chandel speaks his heart out through his unmatchable talent in video creation. He has a knack for documenting the lives of different people from various ethnicities and regions. Vietnam, Indonesia, and Azerbaijan are a few of the nations he has travelled to. 

Varun Vagish 

Popular as the “MountainTrekker”, Varun Vagish has over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. His quirky travel vlogs are surely not to miss as he finds out the not-so-known facts about various countries and places for his audience. Facilitated with national awards for travel influencers, he is a powerhouse of talent when it comes to capturing his travel ventures. 

Kritika Goel 

Escaping cubicle life, Kritika found solace in solo travelling the world. By finding her way to 32 countries, she is ticking all countries one by one off her bucket list to make it to all 195 nations. Her calm nature and detailed account of each place have garnered the attention of nearly 600K subscribers on YouTube. 

Archana Singh 

Among the few Indian travel vloggers to travel to over 70 countries, Archana Singh has been an IITian and a TEDx speaker. She promotes sustainability with her creations and has been awarded over 15 national and international awards. 

Shivya Nath 

Founder of Climate Conscious Travel, Shivya is inspiring the world to travel sustainably. Following a vegan lifestyle, she ensures all her travel journeys are eco-consciously completed. An author, a drifter and a storyteller, Shivya hones every role she plans to play. 

Fitness Influencers 

Fitness influencers act as motivating guides on our journey to be healthier and stronger. They inspire their followers with workouts, giving them nutritional tips and presenting their transformative stories. They are individuals committed to wellness, promoting active lifestyles, and dedicated to positive changes. 

Gaurav Taneja 

The Flying Beast is what the followers of Gaurav Taneja call him, as he is a fitness enthusiast who is a pilot by profession. From his college days at IIT Kharagpur, Gaurav has been a member of the fitness club, and to date, he has the zeal for fitness on. With 4 million followers on Insta and a massive number of subscribers of over 8 million people on YouTube, Gaurav and his family are a part of every Indian household as he creates interesting content encompassing various niches, along with fitness. 

Bani J 

After gaining popularity from the popular reality TV show Roadies, Bani started fuelling her passion for fitness. Also an actor by profession, she has been featured in a viral series called Four More Shots Please, where she plays the role of a fitness trainer. 

Yasmin Karachiwala

The pioneer of pilates is what Yasmin is known as in the country. Being the personal trainer for many celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif, she has garnered more followers with relevant recommendations. Her fitness venture, the gym called Yasmin Karachiwala Body Image, is hit by numerous fitness enthusiasts every day in Mumbai. 

Aarja Bedi 

Aarja has transformed the lives of over 400 women by coaching them to lead a fit life by making the exercise routine a part of their daily routine. With 30k followers, she is an upcoming sensation in the fitness fraternity that requires such individuals with an uplifting approach. 

Sujala Roy 

Embarking on the traditional path, Sujala Roy is training hundreds of people virtually to make yoga their secret dose for healthy living. Specialising in home workouts and pre and post-natal sessions, she has helped many individuals lead fulfilling and healthy life. 

Natasha Noel 

Making a workout session fulfilling and fun is the motto of the cheerful fitness content creator Natasha Noel. She is all about breaking stereotypes and uplifting humans. With her unique approach and creations, she has a notable follower of over 400K Insta users who love her enthusiasm towards life. 

Sahil Khan

India’s youth icon and fitness sensation Sahil Khan is inspiring the young generation to live a healthy life by sticking to a fitness regime everywhere he goes. He is also a travel enthusiast yet keeps the fitness freak in himself alive without failing. 

Sonali Swami

Sonali is winning hearts with her social media content dedicated to training people to reach their fitness goals. A mom of two, she is setting standards on embracing fitness even post-partum. Being an international athlete and a winner of the Asian Bronze Medal, her content reflects her love for what she does. 

Namrata Purohit 

The face behind the amazing body transformation of Kareena Kapoor and Jahnvi Kapoor, Namrata Purohit, is a powerhouse of energy that trains people to indulge in high-intensity workouts. Her 440K following on Instagram shows how many lives she has touched with her unique regimes. 

Vaishnavi Boora 

A perfect amalgamation of beauty and fitness is what Vaishnavi Boora presents to her audience on social media. Being the founder of VB Fitness Community, she customises workout sessions for people, along with diet plans. 

Neha Khincha 

Lawyer and CA by profession and a fitness enthusiast by passion, Neha Khincha is the new sensation in the fraternity. Yoga and acro yoga are her specialities, and she is marvellous with weight training. Join her journey on Instagram and get inspired to live a healthy life. 

Kunal Rajput 

With multiple health ventures like Breath Studio, Kunal Rajput has dedicated his life to coaching individuals to lead a fit life. A coach for Nike, he has been in the field since 2013. He loves sharing the sessions in his studio with his audience and spreads his perspective perfectly with his content. 

 Comedy Influencers 

Having perfected the art of comedy, these individuals are digital entertainers, making audiences laugh worldwide, providing a much-needed escape from the mundane, and offering moments of pure joy and laughter. They are known to have an impact on digital culture with their unique comedic styles. 

Bhuvan Bam 

Bhavan Bam is a famous comedian and YouTuber. He is mostly famous for his comic videos on the BB Ki Vines YouTube channel. Bam has produced many original songs and appeared in short films. He also made a YouTube web series called Dhindhora. He also makes comedic videos that reflect an urban youngster's life and absurd chats with friends and family.

Ajey Nagar

Ajey Nagar is popularly known as Carry Minati. He is a 24-year-old rapper, broadcaster, and YouTuber. He is famous for his humorous skits, roasting videos, and responses to many hot subjects. He has an amazing following of approximately 39 million followers on his CarryMinati channel and over three million subscribers on CarryIsLive.

 Kusha Kapila 

The YouTuber and influencer Kusha Kapila is also a fashion editor and content creator for Times Internet. She is a NIFT graduate who became famous for her series of comic videos of South Delhi aunties. She has also appeared in one Netflix original series such as Ghost Stories and LOL: Hasse Toh Phase on Amazon Prime Video.

Ashish Chanchlani 

Ashish Chanchalani is a famous and prosperous comedian on YouTube. He has more than 25 million users on the internet. He is famous for his spoof films and vines. He had a strong interest in performing since he was a little boy. He is an actor and comedian who can make people laugh while viewing his videos. 

Harsh Beniwal 

Harsh Beniwal is an entrepreneur, content producer, and social media influencer from New Delhi, India. He is famous for making entertaining but educational YouTube videos. In February 2023, his official YouTube Channel had surpassed 15.2 million followers. 

Aishwarya Mohanraj 

Aishwarya Mohanraj is a stand-up comedian and YouTuber from India. She was in the top ten in a comic reality show, Comicstaan Season 1. She contributed her humour in programmes like Son of Abish, Behti Naak, On Air with AIB, Comicstaan Season 2, and One Mic Stand. Other than her humour, she is good at singing and storytelling.

Viraj Ghelani 

He is the finest Indian stand-up comedian and content creator on YouTube. He started his career with Filter Copy, Dice Media, and Gobble. He opened his own YouTube channel, ‘That’s So Viraj,’ in the year 2020. There, he used to upload comic videos, podcasts, sketch videos, and informative content.

Ankush Bahuguna

Ankush Bahuguna is popularly known for his comic and makeup videos. Most of his makeup videos are uploaded to a different Instagram page called “Wing it with Ankush”. He breaks the gender stereotype that only women are typically associated with make-up. His talent does not only stop at makeup tutorials but also comic videos, especially on Instagram. At MensXP, Bahuguna has held positions as a video content creator, actor, and entertainment editor.

Prajakta Koli 

Prajakta Koli, popularly known as MostlySane for her YouTube Channel, is a Daytime Emmy Award winner. The performer, blogger, and influencer is also the brains behind one of India's most popular female-run comedy channels on YouTube. She acted in several movies and supports women's education and other causes, and the Gates Foundation has invited her to participate in its Goalkeepers Summit.

Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh is a social media influencer, vlogger, comedian and actress. She started her career as a comedy content creator for iDiva. In the comedy videos of iDiva, she is famous for playing two characters, “Raju Ki Mummy” and one of the girls in the South Delhi Girl Thread. After IDiva, she started making her own comic content on Instagram. 

Zakir Khan

One of the Instagram comedians and comedy influencers with the highest number of followers is Zakir Khan. His supporters hold him in high regard, and everyone is highly complimentary of him. He gained notoriety back in 2012 as a result of Comedy Central. He has participated in a variety of programmes, including news comedies, on AIR with AIB, etc.

 Abhishek Upmanyu

One of the top comedic Instagram influencers is Abhishek Upmanyu. He is one of the best comedians on Instagram. "Indian insults and comebacks" is the name of the first video he released. Comedy programmes like "Thoda Saaf Bol" and "Jealous of Sabjiwala" by Abhishek Upmanyu dis were hits. 

Cooking Influencers 

Cooking influencers are gaining worldwide popularity for sharing mouthwatering recipes and cooking tips from all across the globe. With eye-catching presentations and captivating flavours, they inspire countless home chefs to experiment with new flavours and savour new tastes. 

Swayampurna Mishra 

 Passionate about food, Swayampurna left her MNC job to do what she loves doing the most. A passionate chef, Swayampurna is also a writer and a mom of two who enjoys 60k followers on Instagram. She shares fun recipes for her followers to try out and posts creative content that revolves around food. She is the author of the famous book called My Indian Kitchen. 

Archana Doshi 

A CEO and chef, Archana is a perfect combination of two powerful Cs. She is the owner of Archana’s kitchen, which was started in 2007 and has come a long way ever since. Today, people strongly rely on her YouTube channel for recipes and cooking ideas from all around the globe. 

Kartik Khanna 

Passionate about cooking, Kartik is a Dubai-based Indian food blogger at The Kitchen Foodie. Kartik is also a food photographer and enjoys sharing his recipes and cooking content with his followers on Instagram for them to derive cooking ideas from. Kartik often travels across the world, tries out different cuisines, and photographs them with a passion to try out every cuisine in the world. 

Karan Tripathi 

With a passion for cooking and eating, Karan likes to call himself a food fanatic. Karan is a food blogger and has a website where he likes to share fun food recipes from the national dish of Macao to aloo samosa. He enjoys the love and support of 66.8k subscribers on Instagram, where he consistently posts content related to food and trying out different restaurants across the globe. 

Rekha Kakkar 

A talented food blogger, writer and YouTuber by passion, Rekha also has her own website called My Tasty Curry, through which she shares yummy recipes with her audiences and people who are running out of cooking ideas and are looking forward to trying something new. Rekha enjoys a massive following of 232k followers on Instagram, where she creates content related to computers, stock markets, and nutrition and also posts her work as a food photographer. 

Maunika Gowardhan 

 A UK-based writer and chef, Maunika has published many books that reflect her passion for cooking. Maunika takes pride in being an Indian and mostly shares recipes of traditional Indian dishes and likes to incorporate natural, earthy Indian spices. With a vision to mend the cultural gap between the East and the West, she strives to share a fresh perspective on Indian cuisine through social media content, books, and TV appearances. 


The author of the book “The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian”, Nandita is a food blogger who shares healthy, vegetarian recipes with her followers through her blogs and YouTube channel. She is also a passionate traveller and shares recommendations of good vegetarian restaurants across the world on her Instagram page. 

Amrita Kaur 

Born and raised in Indore, Amrita is a foodie who has come a long way from being a journalist to an RJ to now finally following her passion as a food blogger and wellness enthusiast. Amrita’s Instagram page consists of almost 100k followers. She offers food recipes, wellness and ayurveda tips, quick recipes and glimpses of her lifestyle with her supportive audiences. 

Shivesh Bhatia 

 Shivesh is a big-time foodie and a passionate baker who comes up with delicious dessert recipes, from cookies to pies to mouthwatering cakes. Shivesh has a YouTube channel with 1.25 million subscribers, where he shares fun baking recipes with his audience and creates fun cooking content on his Instagram page. He also makes entertaining videos like trying celebrity recipes for his followers to engage in. 

Roxanne Bamboat 

Influencing people to eat and travel around the world, Roxanne enjoys writing food blogs on her website called The Tiny Taster. Roxanne is passionate about writing about her life and travelling experiences and offers detailed descriptions of the foods available in the places she has travelled to. 

Himanshu Segal 

The founder of the website The Yellow Plate, Himanshu, is also known for always travelling with his yellow plate and eating on it wherever he goes. After quitting his 9-5 job, Himanshu decided to follow his passion as a food enthusiast and has been travelling around the world with his yellow plate ever since without realising that it soon became his full-time job. 

Ronak Rajani

 Rounak is the founder and developer of Mumbai Foodie and a co-founder at Hundo Foodie, and leverages the power of the internet to collaborate with various global tourism boards. Mumbai Food has won awards and has been a part of popular festivals and platforms, including Uber Eats and CRED.  

Photography Influencers 

Photography influencers are individuals with immense talent whose clicks capture a moment in time. They are known as visual storytellers with an eye for beauty, a talent for composition, and creating intimate portraits and artistic perspectives. These photographers influence their audience to capture visually captivating images and reshape the way they see the world. 

Sanket Khuntale 

Sanket Khuntale is a Mumbai-based photographer and an artist. He is professional in shooting portraits, advertisements and products. He was awarded the 'Sony World Photography Awards' for ‘Arts and Culture’. With his prominent work, he got a chance to work with famous brands like Yogabar, Xiaomi, Vodafone, Coca-Cola, and more. 

Kalyan Varma

Kalyan Verma is a photographer and filmmaker. He is from Bangalore and has been Emmy-nominated. He is also one of the founders of the Peepli Project. His work was also featured on the DVD of “Snakes on a Plane”, which is a Hollywood movie. Furthermore, he received a National Film Award for Best Adventure Film. 

Kunal Malhotra 

With over 10 years of photography experience, Kunal Malhotra has gained a reputation in the list of photography influencers. Currently, he is involved with Canon as the Canon Maestro, with Joby as the Brand Ambassador. He has a YouTube channel where he teaches photography to photography enthusiasts by posting videos in Hindi. 

Himanshu Khagta

Himanshu Khagta is a photography influencer who is from the Himalayas. Since he is closely connected to mountains, he is known for documenting the life of these regions. Outlook Traveller, The New York Times, BBC Travel, Conde Nast and The International Herald Tribune. One of his notable works was the documentation of the severe winters of Spiti Vallery in 2017. 

Ganesh Bagal

Ganesh Bagal is a wedding photographer and an influencer. For the past 5 years, he has been honing his wedding photography skills. He does pre-wedding photo sessions and travels around India. He is from Pune and is the brand ambassador for Sony Alpha. Furthermore, Ganesh Bagal received the Tamron Photographer of the Year in 2015. 

Amar Ramesh

Amar Ramesh quit his engineering job and pursued his passion for photography. He is based in Chennai and is the founder of Studio. He is also the creator of A Weddings, which is a wedding photography company that combines a team of 25 professional wedding photographers. Amar Ramesh is a visual storyteller and began his passion work in social documentaries, temple architecture, etc. 

Varun Patel 

Varun Patel is an Ahmedabad-based fashion photographer. From an IT professional to a full-time photographer, Varun had an inspiring journey. He started with some light work, and after he earned praise from his clients, he got all high-end equipment and became a successful fashion photographer. 

Hari Menon

Coming from Kerala, Hari Menon is a Mumbai-based freelance photographer. He specialises in capturing the mundane work of everyday life and presenting them in a unique way. Across the world, his photography examples have been published. His work was also commissioned by the Indian Government for the campaign Incredible India. 

Deepti Asthana

A renowned National Geographic explorer, Deepti Asthana is also an independent photographer. Her work highlights environmental issues and gender in traditional Indian society. Her works are both strong and tender. Her slow and long form of photography allows her to get a deep insight into the lives of the people she captures 

Shreya Sen 

A former student in Psychology, Shreya Sen pursued her passion in photography. She mostly captures wedding photographs and maternity photographs. Her works reflect upon relationships, romance and embracing motherhood. Her style is a mix of editorial-styled portraits and photojournalistic storytelling. Shreya Sen has a functional website where people book her and her team for capturing wedding and maternity photographs. 

Varun Aditya

Varun Aditya is a professional wildlife photographer and a well-known influencer with 3.2 million followers on Instagram. He is also the Sony Alpha Ambassador and got the Natgeo Nature Photographer tile in 2016. From India, he is one of the leading wildlife photographers, and his work is appreciated by every nature photography lover from different parts of the world. 

Praveen Bhat

Praveen Bhat is one of the leading fashion photographers in India. He has started his own company in Delhi NCR region. He has included talented professionals under his wing to offer the best fashion photographs. From doing street fashion photoshoots to outdoor and indoor fashion shoots, Praveen Bhat and his team do it all. 

Technical Influencers 

Technical influencers are tech-savvy individuals who explore the depth of modern technology, offering insights, reviews, and tutorials to their audience across social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. These individuals widely marked a shift in the digital era. 

Gaurav Chaudhary

Popular as Technical Guruji, Gaurav Chaudhary is one of the first tech influencers to take on billboards in India. An engineer turned tech entrepreneur, Gaurav is on a path to educate people about current innovation and technological findings. He has a following of over 3 million on Instagram and has 23.1 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Amrelia Ruhez 

By finding his place among the top 10 tech YouTubers in the country, Amrelia makes intriguing tech-related content on multiple social media channels. From phones and tabs to laptops, you can get a comprehensive account of the latest tech releases from his YouTube videos and Instagram Reels. 

Shlok Srivastava 

Shlok Srivastava, AKA Tech Burner, is on a mission to make tech simple and fun for every individual. His 3.6 fan following is all because of his easily understandable videos on technology. From making short videos on interesting facts like “World’s smallest gadgets” and “India’s biggest tech scams”, he aways millions of viewers with his creativity. 

Naman Deshmukh 

The digital creator Naman Deshmukh has more than 2.7 million followers, all thanks to his unique content on various technological findings of this generation. His well-researched content gives you a whole new perspective toward new products and innovations. 

Dhananjay Bhosale 

Since 2014, Bhosale has been sharing tips and tricks on using different technologies. He never misses out on sharing his view on various product launches by various popular tech brands. “Best Phone Under ₹25,000” and “Best Tablet ” are two of his viral content on Instagram. 

Manoj Saru

From tech gyan to quick unboxing videos, Manoj Saru curates a versatile range of content befitting every tech enthusiast’s taste. Software engineer by profession, he took his tech interest to the next level by starting his expedition as a digital creator.  

Praval Sharma

Leaving his corporate life behind, Prava Sharma, renowned as Sharmaji Technical, started his YouTube journey curating technical videos. He is a gadget enthusiast who is passionate about amplifying his opinion about trending products, including mobile phones, accessories, and more. 

Yogi Yogendra

By starting his own YouTube channel, the Technical Yogi, Yogi Yogendra set a different bar by making tech-related videos. Since 2016, he has been sharing his valuable knowledge on the latest tech goods with his subscribers, which has now come up to 1.8M+. 

Arun Prabhudesai

Whether comparing newly released gadgets or understanding the latest security techs, Arun Prabhudesai is the name you can trust. Originally from Pune, he completed B.Tech in Computer Science from Mumbai. Having over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, Arun never fails to please his followers with his A to Z coverage of various tech products and services. 

Rajiv Makhni

Simplifying gadget understanding, Gadget Guru Rajiv Makhni is one of the few YouTubers people trust when it comes to learning about various gadgets. He makes research-oriented videos and reels to educate people about various tech topics, helping them find answers to many queries. 

Akash Pal 

From the lands of Tripura, Akash Pal rose to fame with his simple yet intriguing content on various cutting-edge technologies. He is a young and enthusiastic tech content creator with more than 628K followers on Instagram. If you are looking for a fresh perspective on a range of gadgets, follow Akash Pal. 


Working on “tech that matter”, Beebom is a digital content creator who gives well-informed talks on smartphones, USB cables, tablets, customisable watches, and more. With a remarkable fan following on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, his content is considered the gold standard.

Rajeev Gogi Rana 

The founder of Gogi Tech, Rajeev Gogi Rana, publishes videos with deep analytics on the latest technologies with over 3M subscribers on YouTube. His videos, with millions of views, cover a wide range of tech products, from automatic cars and smart shoes to games and smartphones. 

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