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Instagram Creator Account Vs Business Account || Whizco

Instagram Creator Account Vs Business Account which account type offers you the best features, for your marketing needs then you are at the right place. This article will provide you with an overview of the two different types of Instagram accounts: creator vs business account and how you can switch your Instagram type by weighing on the pros and cons of both of these accounts and their salient features. 

Instagram creator account

What is an instagram creator account?

 An instagram creator account is mainly created for content creators and different types of influencers. Instagram introduced ‘creator account’ back in 2018 to encourage influencers on their platform. This account helps expand your online presence and get a better understanding of your growth metrics so that you can easily manage your personal brand.If you are looking for content creators for your brand then WhizCo, a leading influencer and creator marketing agency is a platform that has over 50,000+ content creators generating 1 million+ likes in 20 different categories and 12 languages.

Special features/ advantages of the creator account

  1. Growth insights

 One of the most important things for any content creator is to have knowledge about their follower growth. A creator account gives you an in-depth insights dashboard where you get full access to how much your audience is engaging with your content. You can change your content as per the trends and requirements of your audience. 

  1. Managing DM’s

All the cluttered DM’s proving to be a hassle for you? Don't worry, the Instagram creator account has got you covered as it provides the option of streamlining messages. Under the three new tabs of primary, general and requests, you can categories your messages on priority basis so that you don’t forget to reply to important messages.

  1. Creator Studio

The instagram creator studio dashboard helps you schedule your IGTV posts and feeds. Once you upload your content then you can select the schedule option and choose the required date and time. Pretty convenient right?

  1. Access to Brands

 The brands can run ads on your partnership posts, this gives you easy access to generate passive income. When someone clicks on your tag, they’re then taken to a product description page where they can get more information or make a purchase. 

Instagram business account

What is an Instagram business account?

Instagram business accounts are suitable for business profiles. From small scale business to large scale business, the multiple benefits of a business account helps its owners to have access to key features. Instagram introduced Business Profiles back in 2016 and since then, many businesses have switched their Instagram accounts from a personal profile to a business profile.

business account

Special features/ advantages of business account

  1. Adding a contact button

    The business account lets you add a contact button to your profile. You can also add an Action Button, they  connect your Instagram profile with other online services so that customers can interact with your business directly from your profile. Currently, Instagram offers three types of Action Buttons: Order Food, Book Now, and Reserve.

  1. Adding Links to Instagram stories

If you have a business profile with 10,000+ followers or if you have a verified badge then you can add a link to your Instagram profile. Clicking on the chain like icon at the top of the story lets you add a URL which proves to be a great advantage for your business.


  1. Promoted Posts

If you want to promote your Instagram post or advertise it in some way then you need a business profile. You can also build your ads on Facebook and choose where you want your ad placed. Instagram is one of the options Facebook gives you. Hence the connection between Facebook and Instagram is very obvious in terms of the promotional posts. 

  1. Verification of age

The business account lets you set a minimum age and hence particular content is then shown to a relevant audience. For eg: A liquor based company can set their minimum age as 18 that way their content will only be shown to their targeted audience. 

So which one should you use: Instagram creator or business? : 

This depends on your overall  Instagram strategy, if as a business your overall business goal is to drive sales then having a business account is the right choice for you as this account allows you to create shoppable posts or buy directly from your posts but if you don’t have an intention to sell on Instagram then a creator account is ideal. 

The features of both these accounts are in fact very co-dependent as stated above but in the end it comes down to the things that are non-negotiable and important to your model. 

If you cannot make up your mind right now then Instagram lets you change your account type at any given point. So even if you are using a creator account right now , you can switch to a business model as and when required. 

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