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Lifestyle Influencers to follow in India (2023)

Social media platforms like Instagram have penetrated every part of India, opening new doors for people to showcase their talents, brands, and a lot more. With the rapid growth of this domain, numerous influencers have remarkably transcended into the world of Instagram to portray their creativity and uniqueness. 

The individuals who inspire and shape the essence of modern living are renowned as lifestyle influencers. From trending fashion and beauty to travel and regular essentials, these professionals make out-of-the-box content on multiple categories that are not just informative but also tell a story in an intriguing manner. 

Among the budding lifestyle influencers, many have successfully made a mark in the hearts of millions of Indian audiences with a knack for lifestyle enhancement and artistry. If you want to know who are leading the niche with their inspiring Instagram reels and photos, here is a close account on the same. 

Top Lifestyle Influencers Making a Difference

1. Komal Pandey

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you must have come across Komal Pandey’s Instagram handle. The Delhi-based star influencer never fails to please her followers with her quirky ensembles. From draping a plain dupatta in multiple ways to making a simple saree stand out as a modern attire, she knows her game on point. With a massive fan following of 1.9 million on Instagram, she is adored by many for her unparalleled styling sense and captivating editing skills. 

2. Kritika Khurana

Another Delhi-based lifestyle influencer, Kritika Khurana, has turned millions of heads around with her aesthetic sense and versatile range of content. Popularly known as ThatBohoGirl, Kritika has garnered over 1.7 million followers on her Insta handle with fashion, fitness, and beauty content. She started her blogging career in 2014 and later started posting on Instagram. With a presence on multiple social media platforms, she manages her creative content in every domain flawlessly and with finesse. 

3. Aashna Shroff

If you want to know one Indian lifestyle influencer who has made it big internationally, you should definitely check out Aashna Shroff’s handle. She has almost reached a million followers with a unique side of her lifestyle to portray. From fashion and beauty to interiors, you will find quite a lot to explore on Aashna's Insta profile. She has collaborated with multiple luxury brands like Jimmy Choo, Dior, and Bobbi Brown to create some of her most fascinating content. 

4. Sakshi Sindwani

Spreading positivity among plus-size fashion enthusiasts is a great initiative by the popular lifestyle influencer Sakshi Sindwani. She advocates body positivity and has made her way to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Her Instagram handle welcomes everyone with a positive approach to life, regardless of your size. Featured in Cosmo Magazines, Vogue India, Bazaar Cover, and a lot more, Sakshi is a stereotype breaker in all essence. To get a glance at lifestyle content with a positive and strong approach, you should definitely catch up on the “stylemeupwithsakshi” Instagram handle. 

5. Karron Dhinggra

Theformaledit, AKA Karron Dhinggra, is a well-known face on Instagram. He is a lawyer with a passion for creating fashion and lifestyle content. With 1.1 million followers, Karron makes content related to menswear and grooming. He creates reels and videos on fashion, budget-friendly apparel, and comparison between various fashion brands. That’s not it; he also makes informative content on how to purchase fashion products and more. Diet, fitness, and sneak peeks at his personal life add brownie points to his Instagram handle. 

6. Debashree Banerjee

Popular for her cosmetic line Debashreee Beauty, Debashree has over 300K followers on Instagram. She is an all-rounded lifestyle influencer with content on multiple niches, including fashion, travel, food, fitness, and of course, beauty. She recently married and made some of the most interesting reels and vlogs on the event and what went on behind the scene. She has managed her social media profiles perfectly with offbeat content and creative arrangement. 

7. Siddharth Batra

If you are looking for a male lifestyle blogger offering a fresh perspective on men’s fashion and beauty, Siddharth Batra is the name you should search for. His content is second to none, as he keeps no stone unturned to make a style statement. With a free-spirited persona, Siddharth has nothing quintessential to offer, as his Instagram handle screams quirky. With an audience of over 250k, he has bagged notable awards like Cosmopolitan Best Male Fashion Influencer and GQ Most-Influential Young Indian, among others. 

8. Aditi Shrestha

From a small space to a massive house of her own, Aditi Shrestha, or yours truly “thatquirkymiss”, has come a long way since she began her social media journey. The 28-year-old lifestyle vlogger shares every content made with love and executed in style. From personal life experiences to fashion and beauty content, she offers every content with an honest outlook. She recently received the Femina Body Positive Influencer award for her inclusive fashion content.  

Wrapping Up

Lifestyle influencers are creating a difference in the lives of millions of Indians with a unique approach to living in fashion. Their passion for curating creative content helps individuals to live an extraordinary life. From fashion to food, you can find an amalgamation of versatile content on the handles of the top lifestyle Instagram influencers. Get inspired and explore the endless possibilities of living a fulfilling life by visiting the Instagram accounts of the discussed lifestyle influencers.  

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