Top Male Fashion Influencers to follow in 2023- Whizco

Top Male Fashion Influencers to follow in 2023- Whizco

Influencers and content creators today have the ability to exert influence on their audience and fashion today has become a different ball game altogether. We seek ideas, inspiration and innovation from various kinds of influencers and this is not just limited to female influencers anymore. Male influencers are coming into their own and establishing some serious fashion goals. With the advent of social media, these 

male influencers are breaking all stereotypes when it comes to beauty, fashion and skincare. Gone are the days, when the term ‘beauty’ was only limited to women because so many male influencers today are revolutionising the way we look at beauty and they are subverting all the archaic norms that have defined male fashion and beauty. 

Brands today have started recognising the phenomena of ‘male fashion’ and are taking positive steps to bring fashion and male grooming to the forefront by collaborating with various, top male fashion influencers.  

We have compiled a list of our very own top male fashion influencers of India who are repeatedly making efforts to normalise beauty for men.

Sidhharth Batra

Social media star Sidhharth Batra is truly the CEO of male fashion influencers and he is known for his experimental and funkiest fashion choices. He is the flagbearer of #GuyBeauty. He started his career as a freelancer at MenXP as a style editor, and has worked as a feature writer for many prominent brands. Batra has promoted beauty as gender-neutral for a very long time and has inspired many people to have self love and self acceptance.He also posts feel good content with his partner and popular influencer Komal Pandey and they are indeed couple goals. 

Kush Sachdeva 

Every budding social media influencer needs to follow Kush Sachdeva. He is the epitome of style, fashion and panache. His instagram is a great place to get all the fashion, style and editing hacks. He also has a youtube channel where he vogs about his life and journey. Make sure to follow his content for some incredible clothing and outfit inspiration. 

Sanket Mehta 

He is a fashion influencer and social media star and has emerged as one of the top male influencers in India. His transition videos and reels are very effortless and are winning people over. His fashion sense is uber cool and be it ethnic or western, he gives his followers major fashion goals. He experiments with his clothing and is a trendsetter in a lot of ways.His photographs are aesthetic and visually appealing,and he sets the vibe and tone in terms of fashion and appeal. Make sure to follow him for top notch content on everything fashion and style. 

Varun Agarwal 

He is a fashion blogger and  is the founder and face of Settle Subtle; a menswear fashion, travel and luxury lifestyle blog with a keen interest in the automobile and liquor category. He is one of the most stylish male content creators in India, and aces all genres of fashion. He is also a successful entrepreneur and book author has received recognition for his work by publications like Vogue, GQ, Peacock Magazine, Ykone, CNBC 18, Barclet, etc.

Joan Dominic Ray

He goes by the name @whitehairedguy on instagram and he is a fashion influencer and designer. For him, fashion is a medium of self expression and storytelling. His sense of style is unconventional, bold and unique. He prioritises comfort and authenticity as determinants of fashion. His views on gender fluid fashion have been covered by Grazia,Vogue and Feminia India.

Prateek Chauhan

His signature style is a mix of both fashion and art. His visual representation of fashion and aesthetics is very popular with the masses. His instagram page is quite impactful and his sense of style is subtle yet powerful. Make sure to follow his instagram page to see creativity in fashion at its best!


He is one of the top fashion male content creators today and his ability to carry trench coats, sweaters, shirts effortlessly makes his sense of style authentic, relatable and super fun.His insta posts and reels are visually pleasing and be sure to see his fun reels.

These were some of the top male fashion influencers that you should follow for their groundbreaking work and passionfor male beauty and kudos to all the budding male fashion influencers and we hope you break the glass ceiling and carve a niche for yourself. 

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