Meme Marketing: How Brands should leverage it for Branding in 2023

Meme Marketing: How Brands should leverage it for Branding in 2023


What is Meme Marketing?

Brands are now leveraging the power of memes to connect with their target audience as memes are the future in the digital landscape. So what exactly is Meme Marketing? 

Utilising entertaining, funny and shareable content in the form of memes to increase your brand presence and visibility and market your products or services to the audience.

This article will provide you with advantages and the tips and tricks that you can use in Meme Marketing to create brand awareness. So let’s go for it!

  1. Go Viral

Every Marketer hopes to go viral with the content they post online. Since memes are so shareable and they foster community building, as the audience bonds over subjects they find funny and relatable, memes hold the power to go viral. You’d want your content to spread like wildfire right? Memes are the best medium for that as they maximise the reach of your online content. They become an ideal symbol for your brand and many brands like Zomato, Myntra, Swiggy etc are using memes to connect with their audience.


  1. Increases Engagement 

When you utilise memes for social media marketing, you help your company connect with the audience who may not be familiar with your brand yet. Therefore the online engagements and impressions, such as shares, likes, reposts, retweets, will help increase your brand engagement if the memes you are posting are relatable and entertaining. Your brand can interact through meme marketing without being overly aggressive or preachy about sales. 

  1. Connects with GenZ

As per research, on an average GenZ spends more time on social media than the millennials and hence strategically if the brands want to appease that target group then it is vital for brands to use memes as a way to connect with the GenZ. The younger generation is highly interactive with one another via memes so brands should use this to their advantage.


  1. Brands look humane

Memes are created based on current events, trends, and issues, so the content you post through them appears current, authentic, and of course, relevant. People connect with memes strongly because of the humour in the memes. It makes brands more relatable to consumers and humanises them to a large extent.

To engage with customers in today's market, brands must change to a more laid-back strategy and informal tone and appear friendly to the audience.It is the secret to making your audience interactions more human and less robotic and appear rehearsed.

  1. Grabs  Attention instantly

People connect with visual content more immediately than they do with text-based stuff as we are wired to be more drawn to anything visually stimulating.. According to studies, the typical user's attention span is really short. However, according to research on meme marketing, memes can grab the user’s attention really quickly and have a lasting impression on them.

  1. Memes are Free

Meme marketing requires very little money hence it is cost effective. Businesses may employ the meme experts as they can be helpful in the long term.Hiring a person that specialises in this kind of work wouldn't be a terrible investment because quality memes can do wonders for your social media feed.

Anyone who is competent  in social media and keeps up with current trends can produce quality memes. This may be the best aspect of the whole procedure as memes can yield positive outcomes. 

Tricks to Meme Marketing 

  1. Be creative

When a meme template becomes viral, and you are trying to hop on the bandwagon, be creative with your meme.Don’t make it seem like a marketing gimmick for your brand. Instead, use it as an opportunity to connect with the audience in a seamless way.

  1. Consistency

Timing and consistency both are integral to memes. If you capitalise on a popular trend then it is likely to fetch more engagement. Once you start posting memes on your social media, be consistent with it and post it regularly so that people can engage more with your content online.

  1. Study your audience

As a brand you need to understand your target audience.Before publishing a meme, take into account the audience's age, cultural heritage, and socioeconomic status. Just because you utilise memes for marketing doesn't imply you should do it randomly without giving it any thought about your audience. No brand wants to appear tone deaf or ignorant to the social climate. 


Memes are here for the long haul! They can help your brand excel in the most proficient way and increase your brand awareness. Investing in meme marketing and producing quality memes is a win-win for your brand and this is the vertical that you should explore fully. 

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