Whizco- Micro Influencer Marketing Agency In India

Whizco- Micro Influencer Marketing Agency In India

Micro Influencer Marketing Agency In India

So, you've probably heard about the influencer marketing phenomenon. It's an industry that's taking over headlines and Instagram feeds all over the world, and was approximately worth $10 billion by 2020. Influencer Marketing Includes Micro Influencer Marketing , Macro Influencer and Nano Influencer Marketing.

However, as with most things, as a certain area's popularity grows, so do discussions about how to improve and innovate. When this happens, it can be difficult to keep up, and you may begin to feel like your 80-year-old grandmother learning about the mysterious object that is a cell phone.

Influencer marketing hasn't been left out of the innovation conversation, despite its continued importance in many marketing strategies – good news for those who thrive on change, bad news for those who struggle to keep up with new phrases, terms, and services.

If you fall into the latter category, you may be perplexed by the term 'micro influencer.' But have no fear. In this post, we’ll help you understand what a micro-influencer, why you should use them, and how a micro influencer marketing agency in india can help you break into the lucrative world of influencer marketing.




A micro-influencer is someone who has a social media following of 10,000 to 50,000 people. They are well-known in their field and enjoy extremely high levels of audience engagement. According to the research, the fewer followers a person has, the more engaged they are.

Celebrities, experts, and public figures are not micro-influencers. They are experts in a specific industry and only share content related to that industry. Because their audiences are extremely engaged, partnering with a highly relevant micro-influencer can significantly increase reach and user-engagement.

It's no surprise that people prefer to buy from people they know and trust. As a result, they will trust a recommendation from a micro-influencer they follow more than a direct ad from a brand. It's at this point that word-of-mouth marketing takes center stage.




  • Customers trust a micro-influencer 92 percent more than a traditional ad or celebrity endorsement.
  • Over 82 percent of consumers are likely to purchase something recommended by a micro-influencer.
  • Because micro-influencers interact with their audience on a personal level, they are perceived as "people like me." Because they are passionate about their niche and can choose the most argumentative topics to engage their followers, they have 22.2 times more Conversations than the average user.
  • Their audience is more focused and loyal to the influencer's brand, making them more appealing to potential sponsors than the big names in the industry. Working with micro-influencers, in other words, can have a significant impact on your lead generation.
  • Experts and celebrities with millions of followers are more expensive than micro-influencers. They charge less for promoting a product and only collaborate if the product aligns with their values and the needs of their target market.




First and foremost, consider micro-influencers when devising a marketing strategy and developing a work schedule. And the strategies for working with them are very similar to those used in influencer marketing in general. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Look for the right micro-influencer. Marketers look for influencers in four places: Google, social networks, databases, and marketplaces that share real-time influencer performance information. However, because micro-influencers may not yet be in those databases, Google is the best place to look for them. Choose the ones that best fit your niche. Consider their level of engagement. Ascertain that a micro-influencer has a high level of engagement with their audience. Check metrics like comments, shares, likes, and questions, among others. It will have a significant impact on the success of your influencer campaign. Set a target engagement rate (10% is a good

starting point) and see if a micro-influencer can meet it.

Collaborate with a group of micro-influencers. It's fine to have one loyal influencer, but why not maximise your marketing results by collaborating with a legion of lookalike influencers who can promote your brand? Micro-influencers, on the whole, are supportive of one another, leaving comments on each other's pages and sharing each other's posts. As a result, collaborating with two or more experts to promote your products will aid in the development of social proof and brand trust.

Consider various compensation options. Micro-influencers are entitled to remuneration for their efforts. The good news is that they are less likely than their macro- or mega-competitors to demand high prices. You could give away your product or service for free, or you could mention them in your newsletter with a link to their profiles. A referral programme could also be beneficial.

Make it personal. Consider your outreach strategy. Micro-influencers, like your customers, don't want to feel like they're a marketing target. So think about personification, avoid sounding too salesy, and demonstrate that you care about the value of their time. Make them feel like they're a family member of your company.

On Instagram, the majority of micro-influencers work with visual products. If you sell clothing, food, drinks, or anything else, micro-influencer marketing is something you should try. However, for brands promoting software or building blocks, this strategy may not be as effective. Nonetheless, if you can find a micro-influencer who can come up with a compelling post about your product, go for it! You can get more engagement, new followers, and potential leads.


Where Do I Find The Right Micro-influencers For My Business?


If you’re still looking for guidance on how to choose the best categories of social media influencer or the right micro influencers for your business, you may want to seek the help of a Micro influencer marketing agency.

At WhizCo, we can help you do exactly that!

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