Whizco- Nano Influencer Marketing Agency In India

Whizco- Nano Influencer Marketing Agency In India

Nano Influencer Marketing Agency In India

It is now often assumed that having a large number of followers equates to having an actual influence on people word from a minor influencer ( Nano Influencer ), on the other hand, might have a lot greater impact than one from someone with hundreds of thousands of followers. This may appear to be pretty surprising, doesn't it?

We're starting to see the influencer industry take shape, with the social media influencer market expected to be worth more than $10 billion by 2020. Mega-influencers, macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and nano-influencers are the four types of influencers, and while the distinction between them appears to be based solely on the amount of their following, the differences are actually significantly more subtle.

Knowing the difference between a mega-influencer and a nano-influencer is crucial if you want to get into the lucrative realm of influencer marketing. In this post, we’re going to take a look at nano-influencer marketing and how a nano-influencer marketing agency can help you dive into the lucrative world of influencer marketing.


 The term "nano-influencer" refers to a type of influencer that is relatively New compared to micro-influencers. They often have fewer followers, typically less than 1,000. They have a lot of clout in their neighborhood. This would be someone with clout in the local community or neighborhood.

They aren't "influencers" in any sense, and the majority of their posts may contain commonplace items such as images of their families and friends, cat videos, and memes.

Nano-influencers are "ordinary everyday people" who are paid to spread the word about a brand's product or service to their friends and family. The majority of the time, this can be accomplished by using user-generated content.

Nano-influencers, unlike traditional influencers, who are paid by marketers to influence their followers and curate a specific aesthetic, often receive little to no compensation in exchange for publishing on their social media platform in their own way.


 Nano-influencers have the highest level of engagement, which is one of the advantages of using them. As a result, several brands have begun to pay more attention to nano-influencers. Given the larger possibility that the nano-influencer has a real-life relationship with the bulk of his or her followers, brands represented by nano-influencers are generally perceived as more authentic.

Despite the high levels of engagement, a nano-normal influencer's audience size does not allow for a large reach. The biggest disadvantage of dealing with nano-influencers is the small size of their audience. You'll need to hunt for additional connections and place more orders for large and ambitious social media campaigns, which is a time-consuming operation.

Nano-influencers are a suitable fit for firms with simple-to-ship, low-cost product offers and a primary goal of product or brand exposure. Because the cost of providing significant volumes of free products can surpass the reach and influence of nano-influencers, it can be difficult for firms with higher-end or difficult-to-ship products or services to attract nano-influencers. Brands with tight photo standards or carefully curated aesthetics may not be a good fit for nano-influencers.

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Let us now look at some of the benefits of working with Nano influencers.


1.They have closer relationships with their audience


Nano-influencers have a stronger bond with their followers.

They've established a good rapport with them, as well as one-on-one communication, which is far more personal and engaging.

Nano-influencers are more likely to respond to almost every comment, and they don't just respond with a catchphrase; instead, they provide a thoughtful response or ask a question to better understand their followers.

They engage with their audience by responding to comments on their posts; they know who their most devoted fans are and enjoy interacting with them.

As a result, the audience is more engaged and trusting as a result of these connections.


2. Their engagement rate is much higher


According to HypeAuditor's recent State of Influencer Marketing, nano-influencers have twice the engagement rate of other groups of influencers.

The higher the engagement rate, the more likely a sponsored post will be seen by an influencer's followers.

That means they can reach a wider audience, lowering the cost per impression and increasing engagement.


3. People trust small influencers more


Most of their followers consider nano-influencers to be friends. According to a recent study, we tend to trust our friends more when making decisions that require a relatively small investment of time, money, or effort (retail, restaurants, travel services, etc.).

Because they don't want to disappoint or lose the audience's trust, these creators are more cautious when selecting a product or service for an advertisement.

This provides a significant benefit: your product will be endorsed by an audience due to established trust in the influencer with whom you have chosen to collaborate.


4.Nano-influencers are more relevant to your brand


Most nano-influencers tailor their content to a specific niche or category.

As a result, using nano-influencers allows brands to reach out to a wider audience and better position their products.

By targeting the right creators and creating original content, you can make your advertisements more unique and relevant to each of these segments.

It's also a good way to test your product or service in a new niche, as the audience reacts and the nano-influencer can anticipate potential feedback.

Perhaps there is a Blue Ocean out there where you can create new demand and open up a new market space.


5.They can give you a competitive edge


Brands frequently underestimate the influence of a small-audience influencer. This strategy could give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

At the moment, nano-influencers occupy uncontested territory.

An nano-Instagram influencer's account is unlikely to contain any ads from your competitors. Your sponsored post will most likely be the first advertisement they see on their account.

Keep in mind that these influencers require more control and assistance from you; they are new to advertising and require your guidance.

Give them a detailed brief, but don't make them follow any strict rules about how they should communicate with their audience. Their followers will notice that their posts are false and unnatural right away.

On the other hand, it's an opportunity for you to build a perfect army of brand ambassadors. Nano-influencers are growing at a faster rate than other creator groups.

They can become your loyal micro-influencers in a matter of months, and some of them can become macro-influencers in a matter of years.


6.Nano-influencers are more cost-effective


They don't get many requests from brands, so in exchange for your product or service, they'd be happy to talk about you.

According to SocialPubli, only 44% of small influencers prefer monetary compensation.

Our own quick research backs up this information. The majority of the #ad posts we found on nano-influencer accounts were labelled as a gift collaboration.

Another financial benefit is that you can use nano-influencer content on your own social media or website.

Ensure that this is stated in the contract.

For startups and small businesses, as well as those looking to expand their market presence on a shoestring budget.


7.It’s easy to scale


Only 0.3 percent of influencers have more than one million followers, while 6 percent of creators have between 100,000 and one million.

You can't scale your reach indefinitely if you only work with big influencers. You can only scale up content with micro and nano-influencers.

You can better segment the market and personalise your campaigns with nano-influencers.

It also lowers the risks and losses associated with a failed or ineffective marketing campaign.

There is a much higher chance of success when you divide the audience based on key characteristics and personalize your strategies based on that information than if you create a generic influencer marketing campaign and try to implement it across all influencers.



 If you’re still looking for guidance on how to choose the best category of social media influencer, you may want to seek the help of a nano-influencer marketing agency.

Want to learn more about nano-influencers and how they might work for your business? Get in Touch with WhizCo today!

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