Niharika NM Biography

Niharika NM Biography, Net worth, Career, Boyfriend- 2023

Who is Niharika NM ?

Niharika NM Biography, Niharika NM, is a Los Angeles based Indian content creator and influencer. Her social media presence on youtube and particularly on Instagram garnered a lot of attention especially during the lockdown and she became an instant social media star. 

Early Life and Education 

Born on 4th July, 1997, the 25 year old was brought up in Bengaluru, India. Not much is known about her family but her family has always been incredibly supportive of her Youtube career which she started at a very early age. 

She has a degree in Engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore and later studied MBA at Chapman University, California. She was always an exceptional student but was drawn towards creative things like acting, dancing and music. 


It was in 2016, she first explored the world of Youtube and her first video titled ‘Girls in public vs Girls in Private’ became an instant hit. Her flair for comedy and her humour were largely appreciated by the audience. Her south Indian accent was loved by everyone. 

In November 2020, she uploaded another video titled ‘One way street it is’ and that video had 10 million views in a short span of 10 days. Since then she has achieved a massive fan following. During lockdown she gained more followers and appreciation.

She achieved the feat of becoming one of the fastest influencers to get 1 million followers in a short span of time. 

Personal Life

She is a very private person so not much is known about her personal life. She is currently single.

Social Media

She has over 3.2 million followers on Instagram and 2.34 million subscribers on Youtube. Her following has been growing exponentially. 

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