How To Create Personal Brand On LinkedIn in 2023- WhizCo

How To Create Personal Brand On LinkedIn in 2023- WhizCo

The concept of personal branding helps you build an image in the minds of people that will help your professional brand. People are more likely to engage with your business and make a purchase when you establish personal relationships and an authority in your industry because they feel like they are buying from a real and humane  person rather than simply a faceless brand. This personal touch via personal branding is vital to succeed and LinkedIn is the right platform for it. When people go through your personal profile, you want to ensure that they have a positive impression of you that encourages them to engage with you or follow you.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to build your personal brand and establish meaningful connections. This article will give you easy and essential tips that will help you create a unique personal brand on LinkedIn.


  1. LinkedIn as your online resume 

Think of LinkedIn as your resume that you need to update from time to time. Whenever you 

make a major career move, publish any new article, complete a certificate course you need to update your Linkedin profile. This way, anybody who visits your profile can have a look at your qualifications and accolades. 

Your laurels will create a lasting impression on your connections and they will leave your profile with a positive view about your brand.

  1. Well written description 

The description you write about yourself on LinkedIn is like an elevator pitch, as that will be the first impression of the people who choose to follow you and your brand. Make sure your description is well articulated and direct. 

Position yourself as the leader and the expert of your specific industry and write about your skills. Your industry specific knowledge can attract potential clients so be concise and professional with your description.

  1. Articles for LinkedIn

You can share articles with people you are connected to your personal profile. This is a great method to add more relevant information to LinkedIn and ensure that, when someone clicks on one of your articles, they are redirected to your personal profile, which will help them learn more about what you do and also about your brand.

Once you publish an article on your linkedin profile, your connections get notified and that will help you build a reliable audience. Your articles on specific topics will help you find connections from those particular industries and help you expand your brand.

  1. Engage with Influencers

LinkedIn influencers can be authors, speakers or thought leaders that have a huge following and networking. Utilizing these influencers is one of the best methods to boost social engagement and develop your personal brand on LinkedIn.

The key is to find the most influential people in your personal or professional field to start with and to maybe receive their recommendation, follow them on LinkedIn and spread their knowledge and material. 

  1. Profile Photo 

Your profile photo on LinkedIn should echo your personality so ensure that you get the right click for LinkedIn.  Here are a few tips to get the right profile photo for your LinkedIn:

  • Look Professional
  • Do not post selfies or anything that makes you look casual or laid back.
  • Your picture should be in high quality and go for a solo profile photo and do not include anybody else as your profile is your own and should only feature only you.
  • Have good lightening
  • Most importantly, smile!

  1. Be open to all connection requests

As a professional, representative of your personal brand, your profile should be welcoming to all connection requests.

Increasing your network of connections can help you with better opportunities and a larger network. You'll also appear more often in overall searches if you have more connections.

This is indeed a great way to build your personal brand and increase your personal brand awareness.

The only exception to this rule is if someone is harassing you online, then you can simply block that account but other than that accepting requests and building connections can be a great tool for networking.

Keep these pointers in mind, and start building your LinkedIn profile as your personal brand will help you be a thought leader in your specific industry and fetch you many terrific connections. Good luck!

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