Top Indian Pet Influencers To Follow On Instagram in 2023 - Whizco

Top Indian Pet Influencers To Follow On Instagram in 2023 - Whizco

We all love Pet influencers! Don’t we? Pet influencers are now recognised as an authentic category of industry influencers. This market consists solely of human influencers who look after their pets' social media profiles. These animals have their owners as their managers, just like influencers do. Isn't this the most awesome thing people from our age have ever experienced? After a long tiring day, watching cute animal videos is everyone’s guilty pleasure.

So sit back and have a look at the most famous pet influencers we have on instagram today and make sure to follow these cool dog parents.  

 Nidhi Tiwari

She is a popular animal rescuer and lover,hailing from Bilaspur Chhattisgarh and is very vocal about animal rights and has even made a community for animal rescuers. She has over 179K followers on instagram and her instagram is a safe space where she nurses all the sick animals back to health. You can also donate and do your share to help her take care of the animals as she is an angel in disguise for setting up a rescue home for many animals.


Care AND Compassion Welfare Organization

Care AND Compassion Welfare Organization is majorly in Community, personal & Social Services business from last 7 years and currently  board members & directors are Meera Verma, Kanika Panwar and Dharm Vir Singh . It is a family run initiative based in Gurgaon and they rescue, provide animals with shelter and feed animals. They also encourage their followers to adopt animals and a truly a great organisation to follow. 

Diksha Rawat

She is a fashion influencer and has a great sense of style and fashion but she has been very vocal about her rescue dog, Hope. She often posts pictures and Videos with her pet dog.She is also an advocate of funding and rescuing animals. She keeps it real on her social media and is very compassionate and warm towards animals. Follow her for some cute and adorable content with her pet dog, Hope. 

Wagging Tales Foundation

Since October 2020, the Wagging Tales Foundation has been a recognised non-profit that works to improve animal welfare through its feeding, immunisation, spay/neuter, and rescue programmes. They have been regularly feeding around 450 stray animals (mostly dogs) in South and Central Delhi. Every day, they receive reports of between 5-8 cases of injured stray dogs or cats, and they offer those in need rapid medical care.

Ashish Joshi

 Ashish Milind Joshi, is the founder of the MANWITHINDIES Foundation where they provide shelter to animals without homes.While there are many people who treat animals with kindness, the situation and the livelihood of these animals are such that they have to constantly depend on the kindness of others so that they can survive.His organisation  helps animals in need, in an emergency, and destress by rescuing them safely from respective critical situations. Follow him on instagram to get more knowledge on animal rights and welfare! 

Monika Sharma

She is based out of Gurgaon and handles adoption,rescue, feeding and sterilisation for animals. She has a family of 12.2K followers on her  instagram  @pawsome_paradise and she takes care of injured dogs and helps provide them with loving homes. She also updates the health of any sick dogs on instagram and provides them with food. More power to her and her mission to save animals. 

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