Top PUBG players in india to follow in 2023 || Whizco

Top PUBG players in india to follow in 2023 || Whizco

Over the past few years, PUBG has emerged as one of the most successful online games in the world. Initially launched as a PC game, called player unknown's' battleground. The mobile version of this game has become one of the most popular games at any online platforms. It has emerged as the leader in the gaming ecosystem in the country with different Content creators, influences and professional players taking an active role in promoting the game among the masses through social media.  In September 2020 PUBG mobile was banned in India owing to tense relations between India and China.   

The following are the top PUBG players of India based on their performance and popularity:

1.Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral - TSM - Entity:

Jonathan has competed with the top players from Asia and continues to pose as a strong player in this circuit. He is a front line- assaulter and part of the famous TSM-Entity. He also ranked number 4 at the global finals 2019 for PUBG for mobile users and has been unbeatable in this game, it’s next to impossible to beat Jonathan in this game as he is the strongest PUBG player in the country.

2. Naman “Mortal” Sandeep Mathur:

One of the biggest names in the PUBG game scene, he truly has a unique style. He owns a YouTube channel by the same name. He won the PUBG Mobile PMCO Spring Split India, and PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 and has an approximate earning of $ 41,373

3. Vivek Aabhas "ClutchGod" Horo - TSM – Entity:

This young lad has been part of top teams like SouL and 8bit. He had a terrific performance in the PUBG Mobile tournament series of 2019. He plays for TSM-Entity and has a huge fan following. He is considered as one of the best PUBG players in India with a tremendous record backing him.


4.Sc0utOP – Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh:

For the unversed, Tanmay is one of the most popular influencers in the Indian gaming scene. Tanmay has also played for Team SouL but has since disbanded from the team and has founded TeamXSpark. He currently plays with TeamXSpark, which he also founded, and has had approximate earnings of around $34,632.

5.Abhishek “ZGOD” Choudhary:

Hands down, he is one of the best players in PUBG Mobile gaming and his amazing skills earned him the title of ‘Aggressive IGL’. He had a terrific performance at the PMCO 2019 fall split, and he also bagged the title of ‘damage dealer’ and ‘top fragger’. He has had approximate earnings of around $59,078.

6.Arshpreet "Gill" Singh - Orange Rock:

Having previously earned fame through NovaGodLike being their sniper, Gill has now moved to Orange Rock, which is a leading PUBG Mobile e-organization. He was excluded from the ESL Premiership, reasons not known to the public, so it would be interesting to see how he prepares his comeback.

7.Shekar "Smokie" Patil - Nova GodLike:

He is one of the oldest players in the PUBG Mobile game scenes and networks and he has previously played with INS. He currently plays with Nova GodLike with Carry and Exizt and makes it to the list of top PUBG Mobile players of India. Smokie has the ability to remain unaffected when the going gets tough and has emerged as one of the strongest players of PUBG.


 Organisations like Soul, Orange Rock, Fnatic and TSM - Entity have slowly come into focus in India and have churned out terrific players for PUBG in India. The PUBG circuit has expanded with top rivals competing with one another and emerging as the best players not only in India but also at the global level with players participating at the  international level and winning tournaments and titles for themselves and their teams. 

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