Best Regional Influencers From South India to Follow in 2023

Best Regional Influencers From South India to Follow in 2023

Best Regional Influencers from south India are well-known on social media platforms, voicing their opinions, trying to engage their followers, and establishing brand credibility. Influencer marketing agency in India have become increasingly popular in recent years and show no signs of slowing down. Are you looking for a way to break into the South Indian market? Do you have trouble deciding which influencer to work with and where to begin?


The best regional influencers from south India are listed below.


Samantha Akkineni

Samantha is one of the South's top social media influencers.She's a Telugu actress who understands the importance of influencer marketing with an engagement rate of 8.64 per cent.

Samantha, who is health-conscious, has established her terrace garden and is preparing food with organic vegetables. She's also got videos about composting and organic food's overall health benefits. Samantha's love of fashion shines through in her posts and in the amazing outfits she sells in her shop.

She is a leading actress in Telugu and Tamil films, as well as an influencer with a large fan base. Her laid-back Instagram feed is what sets her apart as an influencer.

She is frequently seen answering questions, conversing with her audience, and sharing personal stories. Her profile as an influencer is well-developed, and she uses it to establish a genuine connection with her audience.


Priya Prakash Varrier 

This viral lady broke through the noise with the power of one wink, bringing the internet to a halt due to her role in the music video for the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi. She exemplifies how the internet's power can transform anyone's life. Her Instagram is a well-balanced mix of professionally taken photos and photos taken in her own home. With her upcoming debut, she would be an excellent influencer to collaborate with.


Niharika NM

Niharika is one of the top Instagram influencers in the south, with a whopping 2 million followers on her Instagram handle and an engagement rate of 8%. She is a slapstick comedy mistress and a content creator.

Her sarcastic delivery of dialogue will have you crying tears of laughter and gasping for air from laughing so hard. Her content is so good that it's no surprise she's a fan favourite.

One of YouTube's Creators of Change is this Instagram influencer from the south. A true source of inspiration for all of us. She gave a TEDx talk about her journey, which was organized by a local community called AmritaUBangalore.


Swetha Renukumar

Swetha, a psychology graduate, is a fashionista, social media influencer, and mother! Multitasking is a skill that mothers excel at. Swetha takes time out of her hectic schedule to interact with her fans at a rate of over 5%. Swetha's 66.8k Instagram followers are regularly treated to stunning silk sarees and lehenga sets.

Her blog is full of interesting posts about fashion, travel, lifestyle, and movies. Swetha should work with a baby care company because only a mother can truly understand the needs of another mother.



 With a quirky personality, Neha is a travel, food, fashion, and lifestyle influencer. Her Instagram account has 24.4k followers. She is a travel junkie who enjoys taking trips and documenting them with aesthetically pleasing photos and videos – clearly narrating her adventures – with a nearly 4% engagement rate. Neha has worked with a variety of unique travel brands as an influencer. Given Neha's passion for travel, an offbeat travel or lifestyle brand would be an ideal "companion" with whom she could collaborate.


Simran Jain 

Simran is a digital creator who enjoys travelling, as evidenced by her Instagram feed, which is full of travel photos. She enjoys sharing fashion, makeup, and skincare advice, as well as her travel experiences. Simran has been featured in the Bangalore Times, Brands & Bloggers Magazine's Top 50 Bloggers, LookVine, and the Times Bloggers Conclave. Her 779K Instagram followers are a testament to her talent and skills, and they are always on the lookout for new posts from her. She also responds to their questions, engaging with her followers at a rate of 4.70 per cent!


Saloni Srivastava

Saloni, a business coach, recently made headlines for launching the HustlePost Academy, a one-stop-shop for people interested in learning about side hustles. This smart coach, who has around 75.3k Instagram followers, describes herself as a digital entrepreneur who wants to help people break free from their mundane 9-5 jobs.

Saloni's Instagram content is relevant and informative for her followers, and she makes it a point to interact with them, with a 5.37 per cent engagement rate. It's chock-full of infographics, which are one of the most effective types of content, and includes suggestions for self-help things to read, self-care and exercise routines, and motivational quotes.

Saloni's image as an inspirational figure suggests that the best brand to collaborate with her would be one that wishes to inspire the world through its products.


Sadhique Aboobacker

Sadhique has won the hearts of many people after being named Kerala's most popular blogger by Marketing Mind. He promotes unique products and shares well-styled pictures of himself as a fashion and lifestyle influencer.


His content is engaging, well-written, and consistent. Influencer marketing agency is what allows him to form such a strong bond with his audience. His content for brands is engaging, well-made, and creative, and this is what makes him stand out as an influencer.


Naved Qureshi

Being a father didn't stop Naved from staying in shape or dressing in tres chic attire. And that is the truth, you must all lock in your mind, dear readers. Just because you have other priorities doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your fitness or style. The three Fs – family, fitness, and fashion – are Naved's greatest loves and the foundation on which he builds his life and does  influencer marketing.

He frequently shares his workout routines on social media, encouraging his fans to get up and move. This social media influencer engages his audience with posts on current topics like catcalling, fair trade, and more, which helps to form a connection with them. 


His engagement rate of around 4% indicates that he engages his audience with comments on hot issues like street harassment, fair trade, and more, which further aids in forming a correlation with them. Naved's "best" choice of collaborator, we believe, would be a menswear lifestyle brand.


Vijaykumar, Priyadarshini

Priyadarshini is a beauty with brains who doubles as an engineer and a fashion influencer. She works full-time in the IT industry while also creating captivating content. How does she keep it together? She claims that both engineering and blogging are her passions, and she considers herself fortunate to be able to do both. She places a high value on interacting with her followers, as evidenced by her high engagement rate of over 5%. With her bold colours and minimalist style, this charming blogger is turning heads. Priya, in our opinion, should work with an ethnic wear label because she does it so well.


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