Rohit Zinjurke Biography, Girlfriend, Instagram - Whizco

Rohit Zinjurke Biography, Girlfriend, Instagram - Whizco

Rohit Zinjurke Biography, Rohit Zinjurke is a young Indian social media personality who has gained a massive following through his entertaining and engaging content on various social media platforms. He is known for his funny videos, dance moves, and lip-syncs, which have earned him a considerable fan base. In this article, we will explore Rohit Zinjurke's age, career, salary, girlfriend, net worth, Instagram, and car.


Rohit Zinjurke was born on November 14, 1996, in Maharashtra, India. As of 2023, he is 26 years old.


Rohit Zinjurke started his career as a social media influencer on TikTok, where he created entertaining and engaging content that quickly gained popularity. He became known for his lip-sync videos, dance moves, and comedy sketches. Rohit Zinjurke has now amassed a huge following on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. He has collaborated with many popular social media personalities and brands, and he is constantly expanding his reach.


Rohit Zinjurke's exact salary is not known, but it is estimated that he earns a substantial amount of money from his social media presence. He earns through brand endorsements, sponsored posts, and advertisements. Rohit Zinjurke is considered one of the highest-paid social media influencers in India.


Rohit Zinjurke has not made any public statement about his relationship status. He has not revealed any details about his girlfriend or whether he is currently dating anyone.

Net Worth

Rohit Zinjurke's net worth or salary is estimated to be around $5 million. He earns from his social media presence, brand endorsements, and sponsored posts. He has collaborated with many popular brands, including Oreo, Pepsi, and many others. Rohit Zinjurke is considered one of the wealthiest social media influencers in India.


Rohit Zinjurke is very active on Instagram, where he has over 25 million followers. He regularly posts pictures and videos of his daily life and shares updates about his latest projects and collaborations. His Instagram handle is @rohittt_09_.


Rohit Zinjurke is a car enthusiast and owns a luxurious Mercedes-Benz C Class car. He often shares pictures and videos of himself and his car on social media platforms.

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