Top Book Influencers & Bloggers in India (2023)

Top Book Influencers & Bloggers in India (2023)

Sometimes the best way to unwind after a long day is to curl up in a corner and read a book. Oh! The lovely touch of the pages, the beauty of actually touching the book and soaking up the words is surely a surreal experience and let’s face it! Being a bookworm in this digital age is super  cool. 

There are so many book lovers and enthusiasts on instagram today that make our life easier. Their passion and fetish for books of different genres makes us aware about the different writers and authors and their works. So who really is a Bookstagrammer? Let’s find out.

Bookstagrammers or book influencers are basically book lovers who recommend or write book reviews of various literary pieces and their motivating factor to do so is to inculcate the desire of book reading in their audience.Today, Bookstagrammers have built a strong community of various book aficionados and the audience built overtime in this distinct field is highly engaging and interactive. Bibliophile and Bookstagrammer are the new buzzwords, and this is a new niche which continues to grow and expand.

Have a look at the best book influencers in town, and make sure to follow them for the best reviews and recommendations of your favorite books!


Anvita also known as anvitascorner on instagram, has an impressive following of 14.4K on instagram and she is a one of true book influencers. She is currently living in Delhi and has studied Biology from Los Angeles and has a minor’s degree in Screenwriting. Anvit has a deep passion for reading and writing and her instagram page is where she gives all the recommendations and also adds the name of the book she is currently reading in her instagram bio. Follow her on her instagram page or subscribe to her youtube channel, to get an insight into the world of books. 

                                           Nupur Lakhe 

She has created and designed a book review website called and has worked as a publisher for HarperCollins India, Bloomsbury India, Zubaan Books, Pan Macmillan India, Penguin Random House etc. She also creates visual and aesthetic content for her instagram page that has over 8K followers. Based out of Pune, Maharashtra, Nupur has previously also been a blogger and guest writer for the Delhi Poetry Slam. Her love for books has made her one of the top bookstagrammer today.


                                        Vidhya A. Thakkar 

She is a book influencer and social media strategist and she is listed amongst the top book bloggers in India. She has been featured in Mid Day, Social ketchup, Outlook India, Shillong Times, Elle India, BuzzFeed and many others. She has a very vivacious personality and has a deep love for reading and travelling. She is now a book reviewer and blogger by profession. Her mission is to bring Indian Literature to the forefront as well as giving the audience an opportunity to read and know more about the books and authors that they might have missed.


With a following of 12.4k followers on instagram, her instagram page is a wonderful place to be. She posts aesthetic pictures of the books she is currently reading and has built a community of passionate readers. She has featured in Elle India, The Storygraph, and Goodreads. She is one of the top bookstagrammer today and her content is visually pleasing.



Her instagram page, @ecstatic_yet_chaotic has over 9k followers on instagram. Mridula strives to offer book reviews on books from all genres. Historical fiction, adult fantasy, and contemporary romance are her go-to genres. However, she reads anything that catches her attention. K R Meera, Katherine Arden, Leigh Bardugo, and Riley Sager are some of the authors she vouches for. Follow her on instagram to get book reviews and recommendations. 


An ardent lover of books, Padmaja also known as bookishtales on instagram chose to become a book influencer as she wanted to build a community of like- minded people who share the same interests in books and authors. Her favourite authors are Haruki Murakami, Sudha Murty, Arupa Patangia Kalita, Perumal Murugan, PL Deshpande, Nadia Hashimi and Fredrik Backman. She reads books in English, Marathi and Hindi.


She is the founder of Booxul, which is one of the top book blogs and book review websites in India in 2022. They continue to relentlessly produce and deliver not only the hottest and most impactful content, but also complete transparency to and visibility for the Authors who collaborate with them. They have been featured on all major platforms, including Social Samosa, Outlook India, Bound India, India Today, Buzzfeed, Social Ketchup, and Sharing stories.

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