Top Food Bloggers In India to follow in 2023 - Whizco

Top Food Bloggers In India to follow in 2023 - Whizco

Blogging has grown in popularity as an effective online marketing and branding tool for companies of all sizes. According to the findings of a recent survey, more than 75% of internet users read blogs, implying that 346 million people around the world read blogs. Given the statistics, it's not surprising that the number of food bloggers has risen rapidly around the world. 

Food blogging has become a lucrative profession for food connoisseurs in India, where the F&B industry is booming. By reaching out to the target audience and increasing customer engagement, India's top food bloggers bring in more business.

Impulsive? Let these food critics make their choices. Check out these Top Food Bloggers in India who have hand-picked the best food blogs to satisfy your taste buds.



Uma Raghuraman is a devoted mother and a passionate chef. Her passion for food and healthy eating inspired her to launch Masterchef Mom nearly two decades ago. Her blogs are full of delicious recipes with plenty of photos that will make you hungry right away. You can easily cook healthy food that tastes delicious using her recipes and cooking tips. She is undeniably one of India's top food bloggers and also teaches Indian Home Cooking workshops in India and abroad.



Natasha had to deal with serious medical issues as a result of an eating disorder, which she could only overcome by adopting healthier eating habits. Organic And Happy is all about healthy eating, and Natasha shares easy-to-make vegan recipes that are both healthy and delicious on her blogs.



Food blogger collaborations like "Passionate About Baking" are making us fall in love with food all over again, and Deeba Rajpal is the sweet tooth's best friend. Deeba is a passionate baker who loves to curate new delicacies while emphasising the use of only seasonal ingredients. She is an avid food writer and recipe developer. Cooking is therapeutic for Deeba Rajpal and allows her to express herself creatively. You can't take your eyes off her blog, Passionate About Baking, because the recipes and photographs are so creative and appealing.



This one's for you if you are a true foodie. Nidhi Kandari is a passionate food connoisseur who founded Papi Paet to take foodies on a gourmet journey through the world's cuisines. It's all about food and only food at Papi Paet. Nidhi engages her Instagram followers with a variety of photos, live cooking videos, and candid reviews. She also shares her experiences on her blogs to help newbie food bloggers establish themselves. Her blog, Papi Paet, exudes her passion for food, and she is undoubtedly one of India's best food bloggers.


Zingy Zest aka Sarah Hussain

Zingy Zest, a food critic known for her eccentric personality, tastes food from restaurants and cafes across India and posts videos and photos on Instagram about her personal recommendations. She also started posting videos of food recipes during the covid pandemic, which grew in popularity and led to the creation of her YouTube channel.

She gives genuine recommendations and leads her followers to a variety of restaurants and interesting food options throughout India. Her page is full of vibrant photos and videos of food you won't want to miss out on because she is a full-time food blogger.


Karan Dua

His 715K and growing followers on various social media platforms believe he is a true die-hard foodie whose love for food and content is relatable. Karan, a food blogger who has been featured in The Hindu, Forbes India, and The Economist, posts his personal food recommendations ranging from street food to fine dining restaurants. 

He is also a social food blogger who has taken on the task of promoting and bringing business to Indian street vendors through his videos. In addition, he has a blog ( where he regularly posts about different food experiences to look out for in India.


The Great Indian Foodie

This blogger's Instagram account is a living testament to his username. His page features a wide range of Indian and Western cuisine from across the country, taking you on a culinary adventure. A page that every foodie should bookmark if they enjoy trying food from various restaurants whenever they go out. Take inspiration from thegreatindiafoodie's Instagram account and explore India's diverse cuisines and exciting restaurants.


Karishma Sakhrani

Karishma Sakhrani has come a long way from being a business developer to being a finalist on MasterChef India. Her desire to eat healthy fuels her passion for food. Sakhrani spends her time frolicking around the world when she is not at the gym or in the kitchen. 

Sakhrani prefers a Neapolitan pizza and a glass of Merlot as her last meal, despite the fact that she is all about balance and healthy living. On her website and Instagram page, she shares recipes, diet tips, and travel stories. One of our Top food bloggers in india to keep up with.


Saloni Kukreja

Saloni Kukreja started a blog called Food of Mumbai five years ago, after becoming dissatisfied with her ordinary college life in Mumbai. But that wasn't always the plan. She began her blog with news about new restaurants, food trends, and events, which she supplemented with a visually appealing Instagram page. 

Simultaneously, she began experimenting with the ingredients in her pantry, creating and standardising recipes with a preference for breakfast and dessert options. But the food was never just a pastime for her. Kukreja recently enrolled in a culinary school in Vancouver, driven by her dream. The chef-in-training continues to entice her 200k+ Instagram followers with delectable dishes.


Himanshu Segal

Himanshu Segal started his food blog, My Yellow Plate, out of pure love of food and travel. He carried his Yellow Plate everywhere, and it became his selling point. On his yellow plate, he shared all of the original delicacies. That's how he got the tagline "the guy with the yellow plate."


How to find the best food bloggers in India for your influencer marketing campaign?


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