Top Gaming Influencers in India to follow in 2022

Top Gaming Influencers in India to follow in 2022

Gaming as an industry as well as a hobby is becoming popular day by day in India. This has also given a boost to the number of gaming influencers in India. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the Top Gaming Influencers in India to follow in 2022. Let’s get started!


Ajey Nagar

CarryMinati, aka Ajey Nagar, is an Indian YouTuber and streamer from Faridabad, India. On his channel CarryMinati, he is known for his comedic skits and reactions to various online topics. CarryisLive, his other channel, is dedicated to gaming and live streams.

Nagar began posting videos on YouTube at the age of 10. 

His main YouTube channel has been active since 2014.In 2014, the channel's name was AddictedA1 and Nagar would upload recorded video game footage along with his reactions to the game.In 2015, he changed the channel's name to CarryDeol, uploading gameplay footage of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while mimicking Sunny Deol. The channel was subsequently renamed to CarryMinati. In May 2021, Nagar released a statement saying that the channel had more than 30 million subscribers.



Aaditya D. Sawant

Aditya Deepak Sawant or Aditya Sawant is an Indian professional E-sports player, streamer, gaming creator, and social media influencer from Mumbai, Maharastra, India. He is popularly known as his online stage name Dynamo Gaming since after he started playing PUBG Mobile gameplay on Youtube.

Besides this, he is the creator and the owner of the "Hydra" clan in PUBG Mobile. His dialogue "Patt Se Headshot" is most popular on the Internet. Team Hydra is an Indian PUBG Mobile team formed by the biggest e-sports gaming influencer Dynamo Gaming (Aditya Sawant). He creates the team with his fellow mates Hydra Alpha, FyzZeR, GYROOFICIAL, H4RRY.

He is also the IGL (In-game leader) of the clan. Currently, he is one of the biggest PUBG Mobile, E-sports players and gaming influencers in India. In addition to these, he is the most subscribed Indian gamer among Soul Mortal, CarryMinati, Kronten, ScoutOp, Jonathan and many more.


Chetan Changude

Chetan Chandgude is the full name of Kronten Pubg Gaming, and he was born into a middle-class family in Pune, Maharashtra. His father is an Army officer, and his mother is a stay-at-home mother.

Chetan aka Kronten started his YouTube channel in the year 2018, Now he has 2.5 million YouTube subscribers that equal to 23 crores. Kronten also has YouTube Gold Play Button & also won the PUBG Esports tournaments.

He was born in Pune, Maharashtra. Before he started his current channel, he operated his first channel named Clash with Kronten, which has now been almost abandoned by him. On March 4, 2018, almost a month after launching his YouTube channel, Kronten began streaming PUBG gameplays. Since then, the videos have undergone a major overhaul in terms of both quality and gameplay.

Kronten, unlike the majority of the TeamIND clan, frequently speaks in English.

He was one of the four Indian gaming creators invited to the first YouTube gaming creators Summit held at Palm Springs in Los Angeles, California, United States, along with BeastBoyShub, CarryisLive and Dynamo.


Naman Mathur

Soul Mortal, also known as Naman Mathur, is a well-known Indian gamer and online streamer. He is the creator of the Mortal YouTube channel, where he uploads gaming videos and streams online gaming. His channel MortaL has more than 1 million plus subscribers on youtube.

He was born on 22 May 1996 and had played so many PUBG game tournaments and he even also won those tournaments. 

He is the founder of the PUBG Mobile Team- SouL and is the 2nd most popular PUBG Mobile player in India after Dynamo.


Rony Dasgupta

Rony Dasgupta a.k.a. Rony Dasgupta a.k.a. Rony Dasgup The Rawknee is a well-known Indian YouTuber and roaster based in Mumbai. His videos are a mix of Indian and pop culture. He is 24 years old and was born on October 19, 1995. (as in 2019). He is a gamer and a vlogger in addition to being a roaster. His primary YouTube channel, The Rawknee Show, has over 700,000 subscribers.


Ishan Khedkar 

Ishan Khedkar is an Indian YouTuber best known for his GTA 5 and Minecraft compilation videos, as well as comparison series such as Thug Life, Funny Moments, Epic Stunts, and Fails. On his YouTube channel, he has over 3.31 million subscribers and 1,310,228,109 views.

On April 27, 2016, he launched his YouTube channel and uploaded his first video, "Grand Theft Auto 5 Epic Car Blast!! Since then, he's made videos about Dark Souls, Grand Theft Auto V, and a variety of other games, including "Funny Moments." On December 18, 2017, he posted his first Grand Theft Auto comparison video, and since then, he's made several more.

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