Top Indian Auto Bloggers in 2023- Whizco

Top Indian Auto Bloggers in 2023- Whizco

Did you know that India’s annual production of automobiles in FY22 was 22.93 million vehicles. Yes, you read it right! Various initiatives by the government of India are expected to make India one of the global leaders in two wheelers and four wheelers by 2022. The Indian automotive industry is targeting to increase export of vehicles by five times during 2016-26. In FY22, total automobile exports from India stood at 5,617,246. Like so many businesses, the automobile industry is also tapping into the phenomena of using the influencer to shift the customer’s mindset. This has resulted in the building of an online community that bonds over their love for all things automobile. 

Have a look at the top Indian auto bloggers and follow them to keep a  check on the latest trends in this industry:

  1. Faisal Khan

 One of the indian auto bloggers in India is Faisal Khan. He has over 566K Instagram followers. He is also the founder and editor of MotorBeam, an automobile portal focused on everything related to the automobile industry. He is very passionate about cars and has over 15 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. Faisal also launched a motorcycle riding jacket called black edition adhering to PM Modi’s initiative of ‘vocal for local’. 

  1. Cyrus Dhabhar

 If you are new to the automobile circuit then Cyrus Dhabhar is the right stop for you. He runs an automotive page called Powerdrift which showcases and gives all updates about the automobile industry. He has about 23.6K followers on instagram and buys most of his cars from a store called Automania in Mumbai. His immense passion and love for this industry has earned him a coveted position in this list.

  1. Candida Louis 

Louis is a popular Indian auto bloggers from South India. She has always had a passion for riding motorcycles as it gave her a sense of freedom and independence. She worked for 5 years at Oracle and Infosys but in 2015 took a sabbatical for 3 months and rode on her motorcycle through North and South India. She has been featured on National Geographic and BBC, she also rode 27,500kms on road and travelled across 9 countries meeting the most majestic people on road. 

  1. Priyanka Kochhar

She is a female influencer, who has broken all stereotypes by riding motorcycles at a time when females in the automobile industry were looked down upon. She often shares her biking experiences with her social media followers and is quite popular. She has over 1.1 Million Instagram followers, and is an inspiration for women all over the world. She has represented India globally in countries like Croatia and New Zealand and she continues to break the stereotypes and defy the norms. 

5.Shubhabrata Marmar

He started his journalism career in 2000 with Business standard motoring. Today he is the senior editor of Power Drift at CarDekho. He is extremely passionate about riding and writing about motorcycles. He has over 39.9K followers on Instagram and you can learn all about biking and motorcycles through his YouTube and podcasts. 

6. Arun Prabhudesai

He was an IT consultant in the US and came back to India, to launch in 2007. It is India’s leading business and tech news blog and more than 20,000 articles, opinions and blogs have been published generating millions of views. They cover a wide range of topics like Innovation, leadership, Automobiles, Gadgets and smartphones. Prabhudessai's YouTube channel Trakin Tech is India’s fastest growing youtube channel with 8 million subscribers and he is surely one of the top influencers in the automobile industry. 

7. Dr. Neharika Yadav

Not only is she a dental surgeon but she is also a professional competitive racer. She combines her love and passion for both these things and has become a popular influencer in the automobile industry. She has already completed 2000 kilometres at the Buddh International Circuit. She maintains an extreme level of fitness to compete in the international biking competitions. She has over 191K instagram followers and her dedication and passion for biking is admired by all her followers. 

The fast changing consumer needs and market opportunities,has resulted in automotive companies changing and approaching the new marketplace differently. The culture and power of influencers, has made it possible for companies to form a formidable partnership with creators and influencers from the automobile sector, these influencers are driving the decisions of the customers to a large extent and the auto industry is expanding in India exponentially so the creators and influencers can be an amazing tool to market a product. 

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