Top Indian Roasting Channels On Youtube in 2022

Top Indian Roasting Channels On Youtube in 2022

Top Indian Roasting Channels On Youtube in 2022

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms where people from all over the world can showcase their talent and is an online video sharing platform as well. There are many YouTube channels which are very famous now because of the talented YouTubers that work for their channel. Using YouTube, influencer marketing has also increased. Businesses nowadays get their potential from marketing strategies, and for that, there are so many influencer marketing agency in Delhi that work for the benefit of others and there are some other ways as well for marketing.

There are so many top Indian roasting channels on Youtube whom people love to watch. It is a source of entertainment for the viewers. Roasting is done in a way that a YouTuber takes some big stars and starts entertainingly roasting them. Because of this, roasting channels are now getting many more followers as it is the source of earning money too, on YouTube. Business houses, to increase their marketing, ask the roasting channels as well to promote their products because it is a human tendency to like the same thing which our favourite person tells about. 

There are so many roasting channels in the world but what are the top Indian roasting channels on YouTube will be told here.



AddictedA1 by AJAY NAGER

Ajay Nager is commonly and popularly known as CarryMinati. He is one of the best YouTube roasters who are not afraid to roast anyone and everyone. The roasting style of CarryMinati is such that he plays with his body language and expressions and tone, making the roasting more entertaining for the people to watch. He also plays as the best influencer among the young generation.



The one who creates ultimate content using animation is popularly known as Angry Prash. He has still not revealed his face to the viewers as he uses a mask to hide his face. He started his YouTube channel in 2016 and now he is in the top roasting channels in India. He also uses cartoons and animation to make his content hilarious and his secrecy makes the character more interesting to watch.


Gareeboooo by KUNAL SARAF

YouTube channel with more than 1.47 million followers, also known as Gareeb, is one of the best roasting channels on YouTube. He usually makes comedy and reaction videos along with gaming videos. He started his channel in 2017 with the name “Gareeb” and then another channel “Gareeboo” in 2018 where he uploads gaming videos, mainly of PUBG, live-streamed. While roasting, he does a lot of commentaries which makes his roasting incredible.


TriggeredInsaan by NISCHAY MALHAN

The channel which is run by Nischay Malhan makes weird videos where he gives the reaction videos on the roasters. This helps review the kind of roasting done by the top roasters and people love to watch reviews of everything before and after watching the roasting video. He also created a parody titled, “Modi Ji's Mann ki Baat on dhinchak pooja”. He also has so many fan following and people admire him as well.


SillyPointChannel by ABHUDAYA and GAUTAMI

This is a collaborating channel of both YouTubers who create interesting content for the viewers.  This channel started as a small idea which got converted into a fully-fledged channel. The channel started when both the partners were trying to utilize their post junior college summer vacations and the first thing they did was surf the digital world. They use satires to make the video which is interesting and needs a sense of humour to understand which makes their videos hilarious and spectacular.



The channel is popular by the name ‘Saiman says’ and is one of the top roasting channels on YouTube today. He shows variety from other roasters because of the chill tone that he uses and the laid back body language which shows how relaxed he is and people admire him because of this. The fans often try to copy their idol and seeing him would make people more relaxed and calm.


Bongtubers by KIRAN DUTTA

It is the Bengali guy with the pure Bengali language. He is a boy who makes roasting videos on YouTube solely in the Bengali language just to reach out to the people of West Bengal to promote their language and tradition. He has 3.52 million followers on YouTube.


Mallikamotiramani by MALLIKA MOTIRAMANI

She is a regular girl with a lot of sense of humour and the camera, who does rants and roasts on YouTube in her daily life vlogs. She keeps her viewers engaged with the video she makes as they are interesting as well as unique which makes people watch her videos.



He is also known as hadd BC guy with big specks and small eyes. He makes humorous roasting videos with his dead eye looks which makes it more interesting than usual. Today having more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, he started his channel in 2016. Having so many subscribers shows the hard work he does and he deserves to be one of the top Indian YouTubers.


TheSamratShukla by SAMRAT SHUKLA

Samrat was a mechanical engineer who was not sure of what to do with his career. He worked on making roasting videos on YouTube and became one of the best roasting people. He does roasting, rants as well as reviews by the guy who seems to be very frustrated in life. He also has 2.67 million followers with all the loving fans who wait to see his videos. 



Being the top roasters they help in influencing and promoting products and doing marketing for the companies. Although there are so many influencer marketing agency in India which do the work of marketing for big as well as small businesses to make them bigger and to get a larger scope for the company to grow. 

Roasters are also paid some amount of money to promote marketing and they are also helpful for growing both ways. As people follow the likes and dislikes of their favourite character, they try to be like their favourite character, they will try to add products to the cart that their favourite roaster promotes. That is why social media, especially YouTube, plays as the best influencer marketing platform including Instagram nowadays.

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