Top Influencers In India You Must Follow In 2023 - Whizco

Top Influencers In India You Must Follow In 2023 - Whizco

Top Influencers In India You Must Follow In 2023


The first one on our list is Kusha Kapila. Kusha is one of the top influencers in India. Kusha Kapila. Her career began with iDiva, where she worked as a writer, and soon her videos started garnering attention-most notably her videos with her persona of Billi Masi. Her "South Delhi Girl" videos were also a quick hit on the internet, which further fueled her popularity among teenagers and young people.

She is now among the top influencers in India and regularly posts content around makeup, fashion, comedy, lifestyle, and skin care. With a massive Instagram following of more than 2.3 M, she is definitely here to stay.



Dolly Singh also started her journey to fame with her videos for iDiva, just like Kusha, as "Raju ki Mummy." And ever since then, she never took a step back and continues to create fun videos and comedy sketches featuring a variety of personas and characters like Guddi Bhabhi and Shree the Artist."She is very popular among the GenZ and Millenials and her immense following on the gram makes her one of the top influencers in India.



You must have a good sense of humour if you are familiar with the dorky Chintu character. Srishti Dixit is known for her candid, obnoxious, comical, and hilarious approach to issues. Her career began with Buzzfeed India, where her relatable videos and feel-good content earned her a dedicated following, with most of her Instagram videos receiving over a million views. Her 733K followers enjoy watching her independent and humorous content. In 2022, she is one of India's top Instagram influencers.



Ankush Bahuguna's Instagram feed is defined by cringe-worthy but hilarious reels, clever sketches, satirical videos, anti-stereotypical content, and relatable comedy. Ankush's savage mother, who has previously appeared in videos for MensXP and iDiva, has also appeared in some videos (mostly roasting his son!).

He's one of India's most popular Instagram influencers, known for wearing fashionable makeup and living the drip lifestyle. His 854K Instagram followers mostly enjoy his hilarious and witty reels and posts. Check out his Instagram account for a daily dose of humour that will make you laugh out loud. He set a great example of how to make the most of viral challenges while in lockdown, which helped him grow his fan base.



Komal Pandey, a well-known Indian Instagrammer and trend-setter, has a massive 1.5 million Instagram followers thanks to her makeup looks, skin care routine, fashion therapy videos, and new fashion trends. Komal began posting pictures with the "Look of the Day" on Instagram while working at PopXo during her college years. Her dedication and forward-thinking attitude helped her win the Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Influencer & Vlogger 20-21 award. Her reels and posts are popular among Gen Z and millennial Indians, making her one of India's top Instagram influencers.



Aashna Shroff, a full-time lifestyle influencer, began her influencer journey with her blog, The Snob Journal. She has collaborated with a number of brands in recent years, and her steady Instagram following has earned her the title of one of India's top Instagram influencers. Her Instagram account, which has over 918K followers, features outfits, make-up, and home decor inspiration.



With her blog, "That Boho Girl," Kritika Khurana began her blogging career. She is well-known for her fashion styling, particularly in the areas of Indian and fusion wear. She is an Instagram fashion and beauty influencer from India, and her sense of style, makeup, and bubbly personality are just a few of the reasons she was named Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Influencer of the Year 2020. She is one of India's top Instagram influencers in 2022, with a large following of school and college students.



Siddhartha Joshi's Instagram chronicles his travels around the world as an Indian traveller. This travel influencer's Instagram account features beautifully shot images of places that will entice you to visit them. Siddhartha's account has over 126k followers and posts travelogues, travel and photography tips, vlogs, and travel product reviews.



Shivya Nath, then 23 years old, left her corporate job in 2011 to pursue her dream of travelling the world. She sold most of her possessions and embarked on a solo journey around the world. Shivya has been featured in National Geographic Traveller India, BBC Travel, and WashPost for promoting responsible travel as a believer in slow and sustainable travel. She has a decent 104K followers on her Instagram account, where she actively posts pictures of jaw-dropping destinations where she travels and enjoys!



Sahil Khan is missing from the list of India's top Instagram influencers. Sahil Khan has amassed a social media fitness empire with over 10 million followers. Sahil Khan, a former Bollywood actor, has an Instagram account that is a must-follow for anyone interested in bodybuilding, workouts, and fitness advice. The Rajiv Gandhi Award for India's Fitness Icon was given to Sahil Khan. He also owns one of India's largest gyms and is regarded as one of the country's most prominent fitness coaches. Sahil is one of India's highest-paid Instagram influencers as a result of his fame and success.



Gurbani Judge, better known as Bani J, rose to prominence as a contestant on MTV Roadies, followed by a stint as a VJ for the network. She was a contestant on Bigg Boss 10 and showed everyone how important fitness is to her. She is also well-known for her role in the Indian web series "Four More Shots Please," which demonstrates her acting abilities. On Instagram, she promotes her healthy eating plan and workout videos. Bani J is one of India's top social media influencers, especially for fitness, with over 1.4 million followers.



Shwetambari Shetty, India's Zumba queen, is well-known for her dance fitness workouts and fitness training programmes. If you follow her on Instagram, she will assist you in achieving your fitness goals, whether it is losing weight, changing your diet, or increasing the intensity of your current workout. She is a founding member of and actively participates in its operations with her team of fitness instructors. Shwetambari is also a mother, so if you're looking for a great post-baby workout routine, she can help. She has 115K Instagram followers who follow her workouts, diet tips, lifestyle changes, and motherhood journey.

The rise of top influencers in India reflects the changing nature of media consumption and the growing importance of digital media in shaping public opinion and driving consumer behaviour. As social media continues to grow in India, we can expect to see more top influencers emerge in the coming years, further expanding the country's vibrant and dynamic online culture.

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