Top Regional Influencers From North Eastern India

Top Regional Influencers From North Eastern India

Top Regional Influencers From North Eastern India

A regional influencer is the one who knows his region best and plays as a mini-celebrity. The person is known by everyone in the region and people follow the styles and techniques used by the influencer. This regional influencer helps promote the brands effectively as they can easily reach out to the audience of the region effectively to let them know about the services. The main focus of the regional influencer is on the region they live in.

There are many influencer marketing agency in India that have the best influencer from across the world that can help with influencing the people to do good and promote brands and other things. They may have so many followers and people love to watch them and tend to follow them by being their fans.

Influencer marketing is not an easy job to do as the influencer has to come in front of the whole world and has to make the world listen to them and follow them as well. To promote businesses and brands, go to an influencer marketing agency and they will help you with the best. The profession with name, fame and opportunities can prove to be the biggest change in your life.

Some of the Best Regional Influencers From North Eastern India Are-




She is the best beauty, style and travel blogger on BIG HAIR LOUD MOUTH found by her on May 25 which has been ranked 9th amongst the top bloggers across the world. She is one of the leading fashion bloggers from India. Came from the duty back lanes of Kalimpong near Darjeeling and became a leading fashion voice in India. She was even appointed as Karan Johar’s top 5 Lakme Vloggers. She was also chosen by LeEco to become a content partner for the IIFA2016 in Madrid and more.



Called Nagaland’s pride is a top Indian model and a psychotherapist represented from Ingo India. She is balancing both her careers very well. She has got her secret mix from her father and mother from Naga and Malayalam. She participated in the famous show India’s next top model in 2015 and became the second runner up and after that she was scouted by many modeling agencies as well. In the world of influencer marketing, she has rocked it as she is very passionate about mental health care and creating awareness. 



Also known as the Fly Girl, she is one of the most influential fashion voices in India who said in her interview that her fashion styling was different from wearing heels even if she was surrounded by the girls. She is 31 years, a sneaker-focused digital creator on Instagram and Youtube and is also a content head at multi-brand sneaker boutique VegNonVeg. She started her professional journey in 2016, started a blog ‘the velvet radio’ in 2017 and also launched a digital magazine in October 2020 which is dedicated to women in street style space and sneakers.



One of the Indian bloggers from Nagaland state is famous for the The97Notebook blog. She started her regular blogging in 2017 and portrayed her chic, minimalist style across her blog and to her angxlinapg through her modelling photos. She is called the queen of all monochromatic and minimalistic things. She has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram as she was featured in Inspiro India’s Blogger of the week in 2018.


Just a 22 years old boy who is one of the leading fashion stylists. He gives most of the major fashion goals for men. He stands out with confidence in the crowd which makes his trendy outfit way more trendy and stylish. His Instagram account is @Leemiddleton. He is also a makeup artist who now works in Shillong and Mumbai. He may be considered the best regional influencer whom many influencer marketing companies in Delhi want to work with.



Grew up in a small town which made her exposed to the outside world in such a way that she is now known by most fashion-liking people. She is a successful fashion blogger whose small-town life did not make an impact on her career. She is now a highly influential and sorted personality in the fashion scene of India. Also has been featured in many magazines like Vogue India, Elle, and Cosmopolitan etc and collaborated with international brands like H&M, Puma, UCB ETC.


Top North east Regional Influencers


An Indian actress from Dimapur, Banaras is a 26-year-old Christian girl who made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Axone’ in 2020, directed by Nicholas Kharghongar. She has also been active in the fashion industry for so long that she started her career as a fashion stylist only. She was also seen in an international fashion magazine called Elements magazine in 2019. She also worked in many commercial TV and print advertisements before the movie.

All of the regional influencers are so famous across the world that they are being called by many influential marketing companies to promote the brands and businesses of the clients. When the influencer promotes a brand, it is known by a lot of people as there is a very big fan following of the known influencers. People tend to follow them and use the products that are promoted and reviewed by the influencers.



With so many influencer marketing agencies in India, influencer marketing has increased way more. With so many regional influencers around the globe who are known by almost everyone are being called by so many influencer marketing agencies in Delhi and India. There is a larger scope of influencer marketing as it has many advantages for the brands and companies that need to be promoted. Playing a great role in the social world, it has been a prestigious profession. 

 As there are regional influencers from north India, there are influencers from other states as well who play a key role in their region. Also, regional influencers promote their culture and religion so that people know about them and their identity should be presentable to the world. 

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