Top Youtube Dancers in India to follow in 2023 - Whizco

Top Youtube Dancers in India to follow in 2023 - Whizco

Top Youtube Dancers in India to follow in 2023

For the dance industry, YouTube is a game-changing platform. Thanks to social video platforms, top dancers who were formerly nameless faces behind major music acts have become some of the world's biggest influencers.

When it comes to finding ways to motivate ourselves, dancing is often overlooked. It's almost amusing how we look for motivation in motivational quotes and public speakers rather than dancers, who are truly the best people to talk to regarding passion, perseverance, and struggle. Many Influencer marketing agency in India are in direct collaboration with the Youtubers for brand building. 

The best Youtube dancers in India have been killing it with their moves and compassion all over the country. They are not only inspirational but also extremely skilled at what they do.


Louis Melvin

A sensation on YouTube and a favourite among celebrities is a dancer and choreographer known for his distinctive dancing style. His most recent YouTube collaboration with Nora Fatehi has received more than 16 million views and 3.71 million subscribers, and this is just the beginning. We are grateful that Melvin Louis became well-known due to his choreography for the newest Bollywood songs featuring Sandeepa Dhar, Gauhar Khan, and other celebrities. 

After taking part in the well-known dance reality show Dance India Dance, his career took off, and he never looked back. For calming, chemistry-based, and creative dance moves, check him out.


LiveToDance with Sonali

Sonali was born in December 1989 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She worked at Infosys before beginning her career on YouTube, but she continued to look for opportunities in the dance industry. She eventually became a member of the "Crazy Legs" Dance Club. She started choreographing her dance and sequences for weddings and other events after gaining some experience from the club. In January 2016, she launched her YouTube channel "LiveToDance with Sonali" in an effort to reach a wider audience.


Sushant Khatri

A great name on Youtube and in the world of Influencer marketing, incredible talent and b-boying moves, a talented dancer from Nepal immigrated to India. A talented artist who likely enjoys his confused love of hip-hop and eats lyrics for breakfast. Khatri, a successful choreographer who now performs as a lyrical hip-hopper, had his share of hardships before making it to the finals of the popular dance reality show Dance Plus 2. A real-life dancing saint who can transport you to a peaceful state and leave you there. His performances leave a delightful aftertaste.


Team Naach

On October 14, 2017, Team Naach Llp, a limited liability partnership, was established. It is listed with the Mumbai Registrar of Companies.

Sonal Devraj and Nicole Merciann Concessao are Team Naach's designated partners. Team Naach has existed for 4 years and 8 months. After starting their online classes and posting their videos, Team Naach became well-known during the lockdown.

Since then, Team Naach has focused on producing easy-to-follow, mesmerizing dance routines and elegant and graceful covers of well-known songs. They've even choreographed a simple dance number for Gud Naal while matching steps with popular Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor. This kind of practical motivation is probably difficult to find in something as arbitrary as inspirational quotes.



Two incredibly talented dancers, Chaya Kumar And Shivani Bhagwan, are the creators of BFunk or Bhangra Funk. Combining the two most energizing dance styles, bhangra and B-wood, was a happy risk they took, and now they are a prosperous businessperson teaching their distinctive dance moves and bringing joy to people all over the world. 

These women have 1.44 million YouTube subscribers and have worked with famous people like Shah Rukh Khan, Dlijit Dosanjh, and others. They have a huge following that is obviously obsessed with their unique dancing, and I have no doubt that you will feel the same way. The BFunk website is also active and ready to show you guys all of their wild routines.



RITU GUPTA, a boogie-woogie winner, versatile dancer, choreographer, and well-known teacher and mentor to thousands of children and adults, successfully runs RITU'S DANCE STUDIO, a dance academy in Surat.

She initially posted a few videos for fun, but after a while, they caught people's attention and her channel skyrocketed. She then began posting more videos and opened her studio.


 Himanshu  Dulani

With his swag and urban hip-hop dance moves, a young boy from Mumbai who has 222K YouTube subscribers is stealing everyone's hearts. Dulani, who is renowned for his unbreakable connection to beats and details, is a true mood for all dance enthusiasts. 

With music from Jazzy-Dil B's Luteya, Himanshu Dulani's most-watched YouTube video has received about 4.4 million views. You'll come for his awe-inspiring moves and stay for the swagger and brilliant choreography of that dancer. Don't whine if you spend the whole day watching him dance.



Niveditha and Ishanvi Hegde's mother-daughter dance team's official YouTube channel (Nivi & Ishanvi). They are happiest when dancing. Something to unwind and refresh us. This channel is for anyone who enjoys dancing. It features simple, elegant choreography and revives the tradition of traditional Indian dancing.


Dhanashree Verma

One of the best and most popular brands on Youtube. Dhanashree Verma is a fiery spirit with such a get-up-and-go attitude and wild Bolly moves. She has 1.34 million YouTube subscribers and 385K Instagram followers worldwide. In addition to being a doctor, the founder of Dhanashree Verma Company is a very well dancer among well-known famous people like Sargun Mehta, Guru Randhawa, and Harrdy Sandhu. Her energy is contagious, so when she dances in front of you, you won't be able to restrain yourself. But before you check her out, don't forget to add on your dancing shoes. Most of the Influencer marketing agency in India keep an eye on her for branding and collaborations. 


Anantesh Poojary and you can dance bindas.

Anantesh Poojary, a cricket and baseball player turned dance choreographer with ten years of experience, is the founder of Anantesh Studio and lives with an inspiring father, a caring mother, and a helpful sister. He is on a mission to teach those who have never danced but are passionate about it.

"You can learn Bollywood dance steps, Western dance steps, Punjabi dance steps, Garba steps, hip-hop dance steps, signature dance steps of Hindi songs, and how to dance to music step by step on this dance tutorial channel. From fundamentals to advanced dance techniques"

These are some of the best and most renowned Youtube dance content creators. If you are a company and looking to hire a Youtuber, then surely look for a professional Influencer marketing agency In Delhi and give your brand new wings in the online world. 

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