Top Youtube Traveller In India to follow in 2023 - Whizco

Top Youtube Traveller In India to follow in 2023 - Whizco

The massive amount of information available online has encouraged more and more people to pack up and travel. Gone are the days of contacting a travel agent to plan ticket and hotel reservations, prepare an itinerary and everything in between. Today most of us do the arrangements on our own thanks to modern guides –  travel vloggers. 

 The rise of travel influencer marketing has gained much popularity after a boom in online content circulation. The platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram have seen massive hits among brands and content creators. Also, it has given various vloggers to collaborate with the Influencer marketing agency in India to grab more brands.

 These featured travel vloggers in India provide us with their cool travel stories of prime wanderlust destinations. His professional-looking, information-packed videos have grown his audience, who often take notes at his expense to prepare for their journey. Your travel recommendations and recommended products/services are highly appreciated by viewers as a travel addict knows every nook and cranny.


Mohit Manocha – @Travelling Desi

 Mohit Manocha is India's well-known tour Vlogger and has travelled to more than 25 international locations. Initially, he pursued a profession as a Software advertising executive.

 In 2018, he created a channel on YouTube known as Traveling Desi. Mohit makes a video on how to plot a global finances solo ride in addition to an own circle of relatives. He additionally makes each day vlogs.

Shubham Kumar – @Nomad Shubham

 After finishing excessive school, Shubham decided to discover all over the world in place of going to college. In 2019, he joined YouTube and named his very own channel known as Nomad Shubham. He is a well-known Travel influencer in India and also works with different brands as a content creator.

 On his YouTube channel, he remodelled 942k subscribers and has uploaded over two hundred motion pictures. He generally travels the sector through hitchhiking and Couchsurfing. He has simply shown that you don’t want one million greenbacks to complete a 1000-mile journey.


Deepanshu Sangwan - @Nomadic Indian

 Deepanshu Swagman is another fantastic backpacker, who has earned 929K subscribers on his YouTube channel. He teaches standard competitions like CAT and SSC for travelling.

 He visited more than 12 international locations over the last 3 years. In 2017, he created a channel, in which he has been sharing all his financial tour experiences.


Mithilesh - @Mithilesh Backpacker

 With a happy-go-lucky nature and pleasant nature, Mithilesh has been travelling the arena considering 2016. His actual reason to run the YouTube channel referred to as Mithilesh Backpacker is to encourage the individuals who aren't even supposed to tour because of financial issues.

He has made more than 250 movies through sharing over 15 international locations’ tour experiences.


Navankur Chaudhary - @Yatri doctor

 Navankur Chaudhary is a doctor, who has a dream to tour each u . s . as soon as in his lifetime. With over 659K subscribers, he's the fifth most famous Indian Travel Vlogger.

 On the thirteenth Oct 2017, he began travelling, and through 2020 he has visited more than 14 international locations. He shares everything related to the expenditures and budget staying techniques to his audience on Youtube.



Nikhil Sharma - @Mumbaiker Nikhil

 Nikhil is a motorcycle vlogger and his YouTube channel has a whopping 1.1 billion total views with 3.73 million subscribers. He has travelled all over India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Sikkim, all of which have been meticulously vlogged and uploaded to his channel.


Rohith Rode - @Toll free traveller

 This incautious Indian country travel vlogger is a fan of exploring India and our neighbour nations on a motorbike because it feels genuinely freeing. Once all, what’s higher than visiting new places with the wind in your hair and also the sun shining on your face!

 Rohith rode from the urban centre to the mountainous city of Ladakh. He has documented his road trip in a series of videos wherever he speaks regarding his riding experience, his bike being stranded, and bivouacking in Kashmir, describing Khardung La, the best motorable road in the world, and his final destination, Ladakh. Whereas on his return journey, he determined to require a detour to go to the illustrious white desert at Rann of Kutch however was certainly a shock. you'll have to be compelled to examine his video to understand more!


Kritika Goel - @Kritika Goel

 Kritika Goel loves exploring the planet and taking photos of the places she visits. Her YouTube channel is home to 377k subscribers with a complete viewership of around twenty four mn!

 Did you recognize that Asia’s cleanest watercourse in Dawki is Meghalaya, India? Kritika went water travel in its pristine waters! Another beauty during this state is that the sedimentary rock Mawsmai Caves wherever you would like to leap or crawl through the rocks in bound parts. The state is additionally home to Double Decker Living Root Bridge in Sohra.

 This Indian Travel vlogger on YouTube has toured the Czech Republic with the country’s business board.


Varun Vagish -  @Mountain Trekker

 Varun extensively travelled among India before wandering into international waters. He mentions all the necessities one desires on their travels in his videos – carrying medicines with you, packing applicable vesture as per your destination, and not forgetting to wear snug and sturdy shoes. There’s nothing worse than addressing shoe bites whereas out and about.

 He travelled to Mizoram together with his family and mentioned that the state has huge potential with tourist-friendly arrangements.


Shakti Singh Shekhawat - @Travelling Mondays

 A travel filmmaker, Shakti’s captured videos have a chill vibration as he's an essential person himself.

 What percentage of people have spoken the words – “let’s move to the mountains and work from there!” travelling Mondays have really done it. He moved to Manali for a month-long workation. verify his vlog showcasing the four mesmerising properties he stayed at, which might offer you some impulsive workation goals!

 These are some of the best travel vloggers in India. If you are really looking to hire any vlogger for your brand then surely look for a professional and trusted influencer marketing agency in Delhi.




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