Video Content Strategy, The Ultimate Guide 2023 - WhizCo

Video Content Strategy, The Ultimate Guide 2023 - WhizCo

Video Content Strategy, The Ultimate Guide 2023

What is video content strategy?

Video today has become the most popular medium of storytelling and builds and establishes a strong relationship with the brand and the audience. With the advent of live streaming videos, brands are venturing into the video marketing world. 

Brands are now constructing video content strategies that can help them churn out the right kind of videos for the right audience. To engage even further, you need to find the right distribution channels and deliver your content in the most effective way. It also focuses on the planning, creation, delivery and execution of the content with maximum results. 

In this article, we will tell you the different strategies you can use to better your video content and make it stand out from the rest.

  1. Establish your target audience 

One of the crucial steps in Video Content Strategy is to establish your target audience. Without a particular target audience in mind, your video is considerably more likely to fail. One of the key ways to figure out your target audience is creating a buyer persona. Buyer personas are usually created by companies in order to establish who is likely to buy or avail their product or service. Presumably, the audience for your video is the same as the one that you want to attract customers from.

This is the best way to excel in your video content strategy by knowing the right audience for your content. 

2. Decide your Platform 

Do a social media audit, and study the platform where your maximum audience is at. Instagram, Youtube and Facebook are the leading platforms where people create the maximum video content. You can adopt different brand strategies depending on your marketing goal and then create video content strategies for different platforms accordingly. Videos from YouTube, one of the most well-known search engines in the world, also appear in Google's search engine results pages (SERPs). By creating content for YouTube that focuses on frequently searched themes, marketers can use the platform to boost the visibility of their brand.In the same way, Instagram can be utilised in video content as it has a large audience base.

  1. SEO Strategy 

Using the right keywords will enhance your SEO Strategy,the best approach to grab people's attention is with a catchy title. Keep it  informative and interesting. On YouTube videos, the first 60 characters or less will display as the title of your video and as with every blog post, be sure to plan your keywords.Building links is also crucial in this case. The quantity of links pointing to your video matters, as they will determine how the keywords perform in search.

Users are more likely to view your video after seeing the thumbnails so make sure the thumbnails are captivating, vibrant, high-quality, branded, and attractive.

  1. Post Production of Videos

After shooting a particular video, make sure to spend time on the post production of it which includes editing, text overlays, Call to action etc. Some videos require minor edits and caption changes. Other videos require a bit more time and effort. The goal should be to optimise and make sure that your visuals are unique and they stand out. 

  1. Maximise the reach of your videos 

How to get the maximum impact out of your videos? The best advertising platforms to reach a sizable audience are Facebook and YouTube.Simply craft an engaging introduction, identify your target market, and adjust your criteria. Another way to maximise the reach is by engaging with your viewers, if you reply to the audience comments under your video then that would create a meaningful impact and can also help you get a new set of audience. 

  1. Understand the metrics

The most crucial step in any strategy is the analysis phase, which comes last. If you don't look at the statistics related to a video, you won't know how well it does. So once you have posted a video, measure its performance in terms of its likes, shares, comments and most importantly the impact it had on the audience. Your success measures or barometer should be in line with the initial goals you set. The appropriate metric would be impressions or video views if you wanted to measure brand exposure for a video. So the performance of your video totally depends on the goal or objective you had set in the beginning of your video ideation phase. 

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