Whizco- Viral Marketing Agency In India

Whizco- Viral Marketing Agency In India

Whizco- Viral Marketing Agency In India

Going viral has become a leading goal for almost every business in today’s world, irrespective of its size, nature, and goals. Viral marketing agency in India helps you do just that. As the name suggests, viral marketing is a type of marketing that helps you get viral on social media. But there’s more to it. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at viral marketing and how you can create a viral marketing campaign for your brand. Let’s dive in.


What Is Viral Marketing?

 It is a form of the promotional technique commonly used on social media platforms, where marketing campaigns are designed and strategized in a way that encourages you to share them with other people to reach a larger audience. All it takes is a chain of likes, reposts, and shares for your campaign to go viral and toward exponential growth.

The majority of people now have access to a mobile device with access to the internet and social media platforms. It is, therefore, more present than ever and is potentially more effective than any other kind of marketing due to the size of the audience it can help you achieve.

Viral marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy that creates vast amounts of traffic and leads and is designed to spread like wildfire across the internet. The goal of campaigns is to convince as many people as possible to share content with other people, which in turn helps you get viral on the internet.

It is a relatively new marketing technique that started due to the rise of technology, with more and more people having access to social media. There are many examples of successful viral marketing campaigns, such as the ALS ice bucket challenge, the Old Spice campaign, and the Dove real beauty campaign.

These campaigns were all very positive and quickly became shareable. Another positive use of viral marketing is to spread awareness of issues that many people face but are less well-known to the general public. Brand awareness increases if the content becomes viral, and the potential benefits for charity are high.


Viral Marketing Strategy


However, creating a viral marketing campaign requires a sincere knowledge of the current marketing trends, what the audience resonates with, and what type of content works and what doesn’t in the market. The campaign also needs to target the right human emotions, and thus, creating a viral marketing campaign is surely tricky.

The key to many successful viral videos is their simplicity. It is gaining importance as a marketing strategy due to the fact that it has the largest audience—all connected and waiting to share content. Sometimes, brands also make use of viral influencer marketing, which has the same goals as a viral marketing campaign but incorporates the use of influencers.

However, there are downsides involved too. The more obvious problems with viral marketing include going viral for the wrong reasons. Companies must be careful with their marketing, as going viral for the wrong reasons is incredibly damaging to their image and reputation, as well as their revenue.


How to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign



1.Be Original


There are a few things that can help when striving for viral content. To be able to create a viral marketing campaign, you should always try to be completely original. The audience is exposed to all sorts of content 24x7. In a scenario like this, it is very important to publish something new and fresh to garner people’s attention and increase your chances of going viral.


2.Go After Human Emotions


People on the internet share and repost things that are heavily driven by how they feel about a certain issue, image, or message. Thus, it is critical that in order to go viral with your campaign, you need to focus on and target human emotions in a good way. By doing so, you will be able to generate a strong emotional response and engage more viewers. Don’t just focus on virality, make sure you’re encouraging your audience to share your content by targeting human emotions.


3.Focus On Audience Engagement


The majority of viral marketing campaigns encourage their audience to engage. If your campaign is designed for the audience to interact and easily share, it provides opportunities for your audience to interact with your content, which further adds human value to your campaign.

Think of any successful marketing campaign and you will realise that a good share of these viral marketing campaigns include opportunities for the audience to engage, interact, comment, create their own content, or otherwise just share and play along. 


4.Focus On The Message


You should also focus on crafting the right message for your target audience. Understand that your content speaks for you. Therefore, take time to carefully select the right words, the right graphics, and the right music. Strategize your content around the current trends and trending topics and make sure to speak the language of the internet.


5.Choose The Right Social Media Platform


Since there are a lot of social media platforms available, it becomes difficult to select the right social media platform for your campaign. For example, a campaign that may go viral on LinkedIn will not perform well on other social media platforms like Instagram. Therefore, it is important to carefully select the right social media platform or viral marketing agency in India for your viral marketing campaign.

Identify who your target audience is and then select the social media platform. The type of content will also determine the right social media platform. Short videos, for example, do great on Instagram. Thus, make sure to take your time to choose the best social media platform for your campaign to be able to make the most out of it.


Leave It On Us!


Still a little confused about how to go ahead and create your next viral marketing campaign? You can contact any viral marketing agency in India to help you with your next viral marketing campaign, or you can just leave it on WhizCo.

WhizCo can help you leverage the enormous power of social media and help your business create compelling and shareable content that will help you create a viral marketing campaign.

We are India’s leading influencer marketing and creator management firm, currently managing over 50,000 content creators in various categories and languages on India's leading social media platforms and short-video apps.

Moreover, we also specialize in creating quick and effective digital and viral campaigns for brands, which also makes us the top viral marketing agency in Delhi as well as a leading viral marketing agency in India.

Intrigued? Contact us on LinkedIn or Instagram today to learn how we can help you create your next viral campaign! For more information, don’t forget to check out our website here.



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