Ways to viral reels on Instagram

10 Ways to viral reels on Instagram in 2023- WhizCo

10 Ways to viral reels on Instagram in 2023

Instagram Reels is a relatively new feature on the social media platform that allows users to create and share short, entertaining videos with their followers and the unique and out of the box reels helps users go viral in no time. The popularity of reels has skyrocketed in recent times, with more and more users jumping on the bandwagon to create unique and engaging content and if you don’t know about this phenomena then don’t worry because we have got some exciting tips for you that will make your reels go viral in no time.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 ways to make your Instagram Reels go viral and provide you with some creative ideas to get you started.So follow these steps to be the next big thing!

Share your story but keep it short

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a Reel is to keep it short and sweet and integrate storytelling in a fascinating and engaging way.The attention span of viewers on social media is limited, and you need to grab their attention within the first few seconds otherwise you will lose your audience. Aim to create Reels that are no longer than 15 seconds and get your message across in a concise and engaging manner.This will help you create meaningful content that will travel across faster.

Music is a crucial element in creating a viral Reel. By using trending music, you can tap into the current cultural trends and attract a wider audience. Instagram has a built-in library of popular music, so take advantage of this feature and choose a track that complements your content.Whilst using popular and trendy music, you can come in the spotlight and go viral in no time. 

User Generated content and trendy Hashtags:

Hashtags are a powerful tool for increasing the visibility of your Reels. Make sure to include relevant hashtags in your captions and in the video itself. Your UGC can go viral if you use the right hashtags that will lead to greater engagement. This will make your Reel discoverable to a wider audience and increase the chances of it going viral.So hop on the UGC trend and use Industry specific hashtags to create a buzz.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to get your Reels seen by a wider audience. Reach out to influencers and creators in your niche and ask them to share your Reel with their followers. This can help increase your visibility and credibility, which can lead to more engagement and shares.Influencer marketing has become so popular and credible in recent times, that users have blind faith in them when it comes to the services and products they promote. 

‘Day in the life’-Video

These kinds of reels are a great way to make your Reel stand out from the crowd. Create content that is funny, relatable, and shareable and the audience takes a lot of interest in the Day in the life of influencer videos. This can help your Reel go viral as viewers are more likely to share content that is authentic and real.

Use Visual Effects to showcase your products.

Visual effects can add a creative and engaging element to your Reels. Instagram has a range of filters and effects that you can use to enhance your content and product highlights can be done in a very creative and engaging way. Experiment with different effects and find the ones that work best for your content and products to get better reach amongst your audience.



Collaborating with other creators is a great way to increase your reach and grow your following. Find other creators in your niche and create Reels together. This can help you tap into their audience and increase your visibility. Mass reach can only happen when popular faces come together to create content that has a lot of engagement. 

Show Behind-the-Scenes Footage:

People love to see behind-the-scenes footage of their favourite creators. Showcasing the process behind creating your Reels can help you build a connection with your audience and make your content more relatable.Anything that is real and authentic finds a connection with the audience and makes your reel find a larger audience.

Use old/previous content

Best thing about content creation is that your content placement strategy can be different and unique and you can always repurpose old content and use it in new ways which will help you generate more content and can also help you recycle the old one in a different way.

Use Engaging Captions:

Captions are an often-overlooked element in creating viral Reels. Use engaging captions that complement your content and encourage viewers to engage with your Reel. Ask questions, use emojis, and create calls-to-action to encourage likes, comments, and shares. CTA is very vital and you must include it in your captions so that the audience follows your work.

If you want to check your ER then you can visit here Instagram engagement rate calculator.


Creating a viral Instagram Reel takes time and effort, but by following these Ways to viral reels on Instagram, you can increase your chances of success. We can’t wait to see you reach greater heights with these steps and tips. So explore the world of social media and create engaging content that has the potential to break the internet and make you the next big thing on social media. Good luck and take the first step now! Looking to connect with influencers? WhizCo is India’s leading influencer marketing agency. WhizCo bridges the gap between creators and Brands and helps brands execute unforgettable influencer marketing campaigns and helps them grow online. WhizCo offers a complete solution to brands for running campaigns- from shortlisting, evaluating and onboarding influencers, to gathering feedback and performance tracking- All this coupled with years of expertise in managing thousands of creators and executing multiple campaigns at once.

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