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Have a look at the Top Youtubers Influencers of India in 2023:

Influencers today have been able to tap into the Youtube Market, and earn money with their engaging and creative ideas. According to reports a single YouTube ad or sponsored video in India can reach 467 million people on an average, which is over 67% of the country's internet users. Those are some staggering numbers and so  we have compiled a list of Top Youtubers Influencers of India that are earning money through their videos, and vlogs on youtube.

Cary Minati

Ajay Nagar also known as Cary Minati, is the He is the most followed youtuber in India with over 38.2 million followers on Youtube. He is a comedian, rapper and social media influencer. He is known for his roasting videos and has made a prominent name for himself. 

He is also the first Indian ever to reach the feat of 30 million on youtube.

Mr. Indian Hacker

You can watch Mr. Indian Only scientific Hacker's videos if you enjoy entertaining and educational information. The "Titanium Army," a group of Mr. Indian Hacker's supporters take pride in having "titanium in their blood” as this is the motto of his fan group that he swears by.

While Mr. Indian Hacker has learned to execute his tests carefully, they are typically risky. His most popular video shows him riding a motorcycle through water. More than 35 million people have seen his video on how to build an actual remote-controlled car. He has over 30.2 million followers on Youtube. 

Ashish Chanchalani

He has over 29.5 million subscribers, and is famous for his comedic parodies and sketches. He is an engineer by profession, but he followed his passion for comedy and sketches and earned a name for himself on social media. Name of his youtube channel is Ashish Chanchalani vines. So make sure to follow him and videos for a good dose of laughter. 

Amit Bhadana 

Amit Bhadana is a well-known Hindi YouTuber who creates comedy skits and short films that centre around the everyday experiences and relationships of the people around him, making them relatable and humorous. His videos showcase his creativity as he both writes and acts in them. Amit's channel is the perfect source of entertainment if you're looking for a good laugh, with his funny parodies and skits that are sure to bring a smile to your face, just like his many subscribers.He has over 24.4 million subscribers on his channel and his audience is growing by the day.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari, a thriving entrepreneur and a fantastic motivational speaker, has gained popularity for his distinctive approach to storytelling that focuses on transforming people's lives through straightforward and relatable life content. Apart from his YouTube channel, which has a subscriber base of over 27 million, he has a passion for stock photography and established a company called He is recognized for inspiring the younger generation with his motivational talks and has changed the lives of many people. 

 Bhuvan Bam 

He is a popular comedian, actor and one of Top Youtube Influencers with over 26 million subscribers on youtube. His fans are crazy over his videos and comic timing.In his various videos, he portrays multiple characters in a hilarious and unique way which got instantly famous. His recently launched video series Dhindora was a super hit and has been receiving consistent praise from the audience and the critics.

He has also made appearances in a lot of shows and films.

Aayu and Piyu show

This cute and hilarious family consisting of Aayu, Pihu, theri mom Ruchi and dad Piyush is very entertaining and watching their video guarantees uncontrollable laughter and humour. They do unique challenges, games and interactive activities that engage the audience. They have a following of 16.6 million subscribers, and you will surely feel a part of their family once you watch their video.


Nisha Madhulika

India is a country that loves food. So,there’s no doubt why we have a cooking channel in our list Top Youtube Influencers of India. Nisha Madhulika is different and unique from the other food influencers, since her forte is vegetarian recipes taught in Hindi which is easily understandable to a major chunk of the audience.

 She brings together a lot of families through her food journey and fosters togetherness. 

With Nisha’s recipes, food becomes exciting and mouth watering. Her videos cover a wide variety of dishes that provide an easy recipe as she does not complicate the process. She has 13.5 million subscribers.

Dhruv Rathee

Dhruv Rathee is a popular YouTuber originally from India but now based in Germany. He has gained a significant following by simplifying complex topics such as finance, politics, and social issues so the audience can understand it in an easy and refined way. . His channel is a reliable source of information for Indians who want to learn beyond what they are taught in school. 

Some of the topics covered in his videos include China's capture, the Hiroshima bombing, and the Webb Telescope. Currently, he has over 10.3 million subscribers on youtube and he is also quite popular on instagram. 

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Dr. Vivek Bandra

He is a motivational speaker, and has a subscriber base of over 20.7 million. His videos are resourceful for people from all walks of life especially students and people working in corporate. He has written ten great motivational books that have inspired many. He has also been awarded as the best motivational speaker and keynote speaker in India by the prestigious International Association of Lions Club.So do follow him to get motivation and inspiration in your life. 

These are some of Top Youtubers Influencers in India of 2023.So follow them and get your hands on some really good content!

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